Tottenham Hotspur: The Wheels Still on Despite Back-to-Back Losses.

H AndelAnalyst IIIMarch 4, 2012

Spurs are still in third place; the wheels are still on.
Spurs are still in third place; the wheels are still on.Mike Hewitt/Getty Images

Tottenham Hotspur were downed by a below-par Manchester United, who inflicted a second loss on the north Londoners in a fortnight.

But for the goodwill Spurs are enjoying currently from the media, this would be a full-blown crisis. The wind of crisis, though, still still resides at Chelsea, having left Arsenal last Sunday.

It swelled to crescendo on Sunday, March 4, when Chelsea's billionaire owner pushed the eject button on the embattled André Villas-Boas.

Where the wind of crisis will go after this is anyone's guess. If Spurs can avoid defeat at Everton next Saturday, they might exorcise the ghost of the crisis, which Arsene Wenger says is making the rounds of the English Premier League.

You could say that the crisis at the moment in England is a bit like fire. It moves very quickly from one club to another.

It's like a fire with strong wind so you have to be a bit cautious because it can quickly come back. The wind can blow it back!

This is the important time for us. Before the week started, I said that this week would be vital for us. It's down to us to do well and hopefully we will do it.

When Arsenal incurred back-to-back losses in early January, the media went crazy. Headlines such as "Is It Time for Wenger to Go?,"  "10 Candidates to Replace Arsene Wenger," etc, filled the cyberspace and the airwaves.

Not in crisis mode yet.
Not in crisis mode yet.Clive Mason/Getty Images

After the dismantling of Spurs at Arsenal last Sunday, a few started questioning the suitability of Harry Redknapp for the England job.

Suddenly, the brilliant manager who has made Spurs Kings of London and who has been hailed as the most astute buyer in last summer's transfer window was no longer so brilliant or astute.

The mystique and the aura is yet to unravel, but it might if Spurs lose yet another match. Such is the fickleness of the footballing world.

One would think that Redkapp's and Spurs' consistency this season is enough a testimony of the manager's and the team's ability, but as they say, you are only as good as your last match.

Despite the two back-to-back losses, anyone who thinks the wheels have come off Spurs will have a surprise in store.

The Spurs I saw against Manchester United were simply unlucky to lose to the Devils. They were the better team on the day.

But again, how many times have Arsenal lost despite being the better team? And how many times has the media conveniently disregarded this fact?

Here's my point.

No matter what happens in the remaining 11 matches of the season, Spurs  and Harry Redkapp have done enough to earn the respect of everyone. 

Credit must be given where it's due. Moreover, with the way the team played against Manchester United, the vital evidence is that the team is more than alive.

It will negotiate the next 11 matches well enough.