NBA Trade Rumors: 5 Potential Deals That Have People Talking

Matt JohnsonCorrespondent IMarch 4, 2012

NBA Trade Rumors: 5 Potential Deals That Have People Talking

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    The NBA All-Star weekend has come and gone. We are now on the stretch run in this shortened season, and the next couple of months will show us who the potential contenders come playoff time will be.

    The number of trade rumors swirling around the league should come as no surprise, but they certainly make things more enticing. It will be interesting to see what teams stock their lineups, and which disappointments attempt to unload talent from their rosters.

    Here are five potential trades that NBA fans may witness in the coming weeks.

Michael Beasley to Los Angeles Lakers

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    The Lakers have started playing better as of late, and the criticism seems to have died down. They are picking up their game at the right time, but may be looking to add one or two pieces before their playoff run.

    Sam Amick of SI discussed the possibility of the Lakers making a move for the forward. The seem to be flip-flopping on the idea, but perhaps that is just due to how they are playing and examining their needs.

    He would certainly add a punch to the lineup for the stretch of the season.

Ray Allen to Los Angeles Clippers

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    This one has been garnering attention over the past few days, and Allen is certainly a guy who has tremendous playoff experience. The Clippers are in the playoff mix and will be a fun team to watch come April.

    Sam Amick has the story.

    Allen would help the Clippers from behind the arc, and will make up for the hole created by missing Chauncey Billups. Acquiring Allen may be tough, and could come with a sizable price tag. However, if the Clips feel he will make them a championship threat, it may be worth exploring.

Rajon Rondo To…

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    This one seems like kind of a mystery, but interesting nonetheless. Rajon Rondo has displayed moments of greatness this year, but apparently is a high maintenance player who has grown out of sorts with the head coach, Doc Rivers.

    ESPN analyzes the recent talk of Rondo being shipped to another city looking for a point guard.

    The Celtics currently sit in seventh place in the Eastern Conference. While it looks like they will be in the postseason, it is not likely they will make another championship run. If the Celtics can get something in return for Rondo, it may be worth them pursuing.

Deron Williams to Dallas Mavericks

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    Deron Williams is unhappy with the current situation in New Jersey, and he has made this very evident. He has stated his desire to have Dwight Howard join him, but that scenario seems unlikely.

    The New York Daily News has the details.

    If the Mavs were to get Williams, they would have a great chance of making noise come playoff time, and another trip to finals may not be too far out of the equation.

Steve Nash to Dallas Mavericks

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    A return to the lone-star state for Nash would be a great story. He had an amazing tenure in Dallas, but has unfortunately not been able to capture a title with either the Mavs or the Suns.

    Its also seems the glory days with the Sun are fading, and they have become somewhat irrelevant in the Western Conference. The talk of this deal (via Dwain Price of The Fort Worth Star-Telegram) seems to be building.

    The Suns would demand a great deal of talent in exchange for the All-Star point guard, but Mark Cuban is known for making blockbuster deals. Keep and eye on this rumor.