Baltimore Ravens: Why They Will Win the Super Bowl

Ryan NelsonCorrespondent IJanuary 9, 2009

Okay, call me a homer, but I love the Baltimore Ravens right now.

They are hot and after the Indianapolis loss, I jumped on the Baltimore bandwagon.

The main reason —their defense. I am a sucker for good defense. Defenses win championships, as much of an overused term that is.

But Ed Reed and Ray Lewis have resurrected this monster, and it is now stronger than it ever was before. It doesn't just stop points from going on the opposite side of the board, but it creates points on the board and scoring opportunities as well.

They're amazing! They always have the ball because of their defense. Quarterback Joe Flacco has shown pretty good poise. Granted, he hasn't had to worry about winning games.

However, this is what makes the Ravens dangerous. Their defense and their offense have combined.