Miami Dolphins: Projecting Their Record in 2012 with Each Rumored Quarterback

Cooper Allen@@CooperAllen47Analyst IIMarch 15, 2017

Miami Dolphins: Projecting Their Record in 2012 with Each Rumored Quarterback

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    There have been many rumors flying around South Beach as to whom the Miami Dolphins may or may not pick up to be their starting quarterback.

    We are just a couple of weeks away from potentially finding out who will be under center in 2012, and there has been no shortage of insight into whom the Dolphins should pick up.

    Highlighted over the next few slides are my predictions as to what Miami’s record will be this upcoming season with some of the quarterbacks that have been speculated to sign with or stay on the team.

Matt Moore

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    After Chad Henne went down with an injury early on in the year, Matt Moore came in and played better than expected.

    In his first year with the team, Moore started in 12 games with a quarterback rating of 87.1, including 16 touchdowns, nine interceptions and a 6-6 record.

    Miami has some tough opponents in 2012, and if Matt Moore is under center, I see them finishing around the .500 mark.


    Projected record: 8-8

    Wins: Jacksonville, Buffalo, Oakland, St. Louis, Seattle, @Indianapolis, @New York (Jets), @Cincinnati.   

    Losses: New England (x2), New York (Jets), Tennessee, @Buffalo, @Arizona, @San Francisco, @Houston.

Peyton Manning

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    Peyton Manning has yet to be released by the Indianapolis Colts, but March 8 is right around the corner, and it is possible that we may him in a Miami uniform in 2012.

    Manning is one of the all-time greats, and if he is healthy and can establish a bit of chemistry with his receivers, the Dolphins are a playoff team.


    Projected record: 11-5

    Wins: New England (x2), New York Jets (x2), Buffalo, Jacksonville, Tennessee, Oakland, St. Louis, Seattle, @Indianapolis.

    Losses: @Arizona, @Buffalo, @Cincinnati, @Houston, @San Francisco.

Drew Brees

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    A lot of people will probably look at this slide and think, “Does this guy not know that Brees just got franchise tagged?” plus or minus a few expletives.

    To clarify, yes, I know that. However, with the bounty scandal surrounding the New Orleans Saints, they may lose their franchise tag, and Brees could become a free agent.

    With Brees, Miami will be looking at a division title and maybe even a bye in the playoffs.


    Projected Record: 12-4

    Wins: New England, New York Jets (x2), Buffalo, Jacksonville, Tennessee, Oakland, Seattle, St. Louis, @Cincinnati, @Indianapolis, @San Francisco.

    Losses: @Arizona, @Buffalo, @Houston, @New England.

Robert Griffin III

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    Miami currently sits with the eighth pick in the 2012 draft, and although this is unlikely, they may trade up in an attempt to draft highly-touted prospect Robert Griffin III.

    The Heisman Trophy winner would be a great fit in Miami, but given the amount of draft picks the team would have to give up to get him, they would not be able to fill all of their holes this offseason and would just miss the playoffs.


    Projected Record: 9-7

    Wins: New England (x2), New York (Jets), Buffalo, Jacksonville, Oakland, St. Louis, @Arizona, @Indianapolis.  

    Losses: Seattle, Tennessee, @Buffalo, @Cincinnati, @Houston, @New York (Jets), @San Francisco.

Chad Henne

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    At this point, I think it is safe to say that Chad Henne returning for another year to be Miami`s quarterback would be a Dolphins fan's worst nightmare.

    In his four years in the NFL (starting in 31 games), Henne has never had a quarterback rating of over 80 and has thrown more interceptions than touchdowns.

    Another year with Henne under center would land Miami with a top-three pick and, more than likely, USC quarterback Matt Barkley.


    Projected Record: 3-13

    Wins: Buffalo, Jacksonville, and St. Louis.

    Losses: New England (x2), New York Jets (x2), Oakland, Seattle, Tennessee, @Arizona, @Buffalo, @Cincinnati, @Houston, @Indianapolis, @San Francisco.