WWE Raw Preview: Teddy Long Takes Charge, Punk/Y2J, HBK, Rock/Cena and More

Kyle SchadlerChief Writer IMarch 5, 2012


The Road to WrestleMania continues as a new episode of Monday Night Raw approaches.

With a new general manager in charge for the night, the show should be very interesting.

While only one match has been confirmed as of this writing, there is plenty more to consider going into the show.

Teddy Long is in Charge of Raw: What Does He Have in Store for the Fans?

The battle for sole general manager officially began at the Elimination Chamber PPV when interim Raw general manager John Laurinaitis declared that SmackDown general manager Teddy Long was unfit for duty.

He thought that he should be in charge of both shows and was then endorsed by Mark Henry, Alberto Del Rio and Christian.

As the weeks passed, both general managers argued over how each show should be run and over the finish of matches.

Things boiled over last week on Raw when Teddy Long pushed Laurinaitis down in the middle of the ring.

The board of directors then decided that this week Teddy would be in charge of Raw and Laurinaitis would take charge of SmackDown.

Teddy has already booked one match for the show, but does he have any more in mind?

What will Teddy Long do to impress the board of directors as he takes control of Raw for the first time?

Shawn Michaels to Appear: What Will He Have to Say About Hell in a Cell?

Shawn Michaels returned to Raw a few weeks ago to try and convince Triple H to take the match against the Undertaker.

After the two friends had words, Michaels called the chief operating officer a coward hiding behind a suit. Triple H was none too happy with the comment but walked away.

The Game would ultimately accept the challenge but only under the condition of a Hell in a Cell match. The Deadman accepted and the match is on for WrestleMania.

To get Triple H to accept, though, the Undertaker declared that the Game was no Shawn Michaels; therefore the Heartbreak Kid was and forever will be better than him.

Triple H took offense to that and said that he was better than Michaels and could defeat the Phenom at WrestleMania, something HBK couldn’t do.

How Will Shawn Michaels respond to Triple H saying he was the best? What will he have to say about Hell in a Cell, a match he and the Undertaker made famous?

Will the Undertaker make an appearance?

David Otunga vs. The Great Khali

John Laurinaitis’ sidekick David Otunga likes to throw the word “lawsuit” around and it tends to get him into trouble with Teddy Long.

It happened once again this past Friday on SmackDown when Otunga threatened to sue Teddy for attacking Laurinaitis on Raw.

This time around Otunga may have opened his mouth a bit too big as his opponent is just as big as the Harvard lawyer’s mouth.

Teddy booked Otunga in a match against the Punjabi Nightmare, the Great Khali.

Can David Otunga find a way to defeat his massive opponent or will the Great Khali shut up Otunga once and for all?

Kane Strikes: Who Will the Big Red Monster Target Next?

After the Elimination Chamber PPV, it looked like John Cena had possibly rid the WWE of Kane. While he got him off of his back, the Big Red Monster is still around to raise hell.

He returned last week on Raw directly after the Tag Team Championship match between champions Epico and Primo, Booming Truth and American Perfection.

If he was looking for competition, he didn’t find it in those three teams, as he dismantled the majority of the six wrestlers.

His destruction was not limited to Raw, though, as Kane appeared during the main event of SmackDown.

Randy Orton went right for Kane as he knew he had to bring the fight directly to him. The Apex Predator tried to take down the Big Red Monster but he was just too much.

Kane chokeslammed Orton and left his target down and out.

Will Kane have a new target or will the hunter become the hunted?

A War of Words: What’s Next for the Rock and John Cena?

Ever since the Rock returned to the WWE last year he and Cena have been going at it. No, not physically, but verbally.

With the exception of an Attitude Adjustment before last year’s WrestleMania and a Rock Bottom at the actual event, the two have been all talk.

Whether they were running each other down on Twitter, during interviews or face-to-face, the Rock and John Cena have been having quite the war of words.

It continued last week on Raw when the Rock appeared live on WWE’s flagship show.

He spoke of his love of WWE and the business, but he of course made fun of Cena. Cena responded and bashed the Rock, leaving the People’s Champion the loser of that battle.

With the Rock scheduled for the show, what will he have to say to John Cena? Will Cena once again one-up the People's Champion?

Chris Jericho Delivered the First Strike: How Will CM Punk Respond?

When Chris Jericho returned in January, nobody had a clue as to what his intentions were. He finally revealed that he planned on winning the Royal Rumble, but he ended up losing the match.

If he did win, which champion would he have gone for? He answered that the very next night when he delivered a Codebreaker to CM Punk.

Jericho finally revealed his true intentions; he wanted his “Best in the World” moniker back and the WWE Championship.

Punk got some revenge at the Elimination Chamber when he kicked Y2J in the head, knocking him out of the match. The following night, though, Jericho won a battle royal which set CM Punk vs. Chris Jericho for WrestleMania.

Last week Jericho officially delivered the first strike when he attacked Punk on the stage after his match with Daniel Bryan.

He left the WWE champion out cold and very angry afterwards.

What will CM Punk do in retaliation? Will Chris Jericho continue to get the upper hand?

The Road to WrestleMania is always an exciting one. This week’s episode of Raw should be no different!

Tune in to find out what happens!


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