The 20 Hottest WAGs in Baseball Movies

Dan Tylicki@DanTylickiAnalyst IMarch 5, 2012

The 20 Hottest WAGs in Baseball Movies

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    Baseball and movies go together a lot more closely than it may seem at first glance. With directors like Ron Shelton and actors like Kevin Costner making well-known films about the sport, especially in the 1980s, the two go hand in hand.

    Where there are baseball players in Hollywood, there are naturally going to be WAGs as well. This is not the case in every movie, but there are quite a few in which the ladies got plenty of fan attention.

    Here are 20 of the top WAGs in baseball movies.

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20. Virginia Madsen: 'Long Gone'

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    Long Gone is a film probably forgotten nowadays, but the 1987 film isn't too far off from the far more well-known Bull Durham, and the female lead there was played by Virginia Madsen.

    Madsen is now 50 and has aged quite well, and even looking at her now, it's not hard to see why she got most of her well-known roles in the 1980s.

19. Kelly McGillis: 'The Babe'

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    I'm not sure if Kelly McGillis has aged quite as well, but this still from Top Gun shows just why she's on this type of list. In 1992, she starred in The Babe as Babe Ruth's first wife, Claire.

    There's not much to say about the movie itself, but knowing Babe's superstar status during his time, he certainly would have enjoyed having a woman like McGillis around.

18. Bebe Neuwirth: 'Game 6'

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    Game 6 is one of those movies that, despite appearances by Robert Downey, Jr. and others, already seems to be forgotten, even those it was released in 2005.

    One flame that the lead actor had, though it was a short appearance in the movie, was Bebe Neuwirth.

    Neuwirth is one of the oldest actresses on the list, but spending the bulk of your career in theater on Broadway evidently seems to help an actress keep her good looks.

17. Robin Wright: 'Moneyball'

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    It's tough to put Robin Wright on the list because, technically, she would be an ex-WAG, since she plays Billy Beane's ex-wife in the film Moneyball.

    Wright is certainly one of the more accomplished actresses on the list, known best from her performance in Forrest Gump.

    Hot may not be the first word to come out of one's mouth when describing her, but she is nonetheless worthy of being on the list.

16. Rachel Griffiths: 'The Rookie'

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    In 2002, The Rookie came to theaters, and based on a true story of pitcher Jim Morris, did quite well at the box office.

    Rachel Griffiths played Lorri, the female lead and Morris' wife.

    The photos of Griffiths from the movie and around that time are when I personally think she looks her best. Of course, the 43-year-old television actress still looks good nowadays.

15. Patricia Ellis: 'Elmer, the Great'

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    Despite the fact that Elmer, The Great is a forgotten 1933 film, it has connections to baseball besides the film itself. Ring Lardner wrote the original play and was a major sportswriter in his day, for example.

    Patricia Ellis played Nellie Poole, the love interest of the main character. It was one of her first roles, and her movie career did not last past the 1930s.

    Nonetheless, I like the look of classic Hollywood actresses, so she's going on the list.

14. Susan Sarandon: 'Bull Durham'

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    When romantic comedies meet baseball, the end result is Bull Durham, a 1988 Ron Shelton film starring—who else?—Kevin Costner.

    Susan Sarandon played Annie Savoy, perhaps the best-known baseball WAG out there.

    I get the significance of her in the film and in baseball WAG lore, but I'm not the biggest fan of her when it comes to a list like this. She makes it on, of course, but not in the top 10.

13. Barbara Hershey: 'The Natural'

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    The Natural is a 1984 film starring Robert Redford that may be one of the best-regarded baseball movies out there. Barbara Hershey's inclusion is almost a stretch here, since she's less of a WAG and more of a seductress early on in the film.

    Nonetheless, it's the role itself and the way she carries it that gets Hershey this high on the list. It was around the time of the film that her career really began to take off in film.

12. Jennifer Crystal Foley: '61*'

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    The Billy Crystal film 61* may have been direct-to-TV rather than on the big screen, but it remains one of my favorite dramas. Having Crystal's daughter as Roger Maris' wife helped there.

    Jennifer Crystal Foley is not someone who's often had more than recurring TV roles and the occasional movie appearance, which is a shame, since I would certainly not mind seeing more of her around.

11. Diane Lane: 'Hardball'

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    Diane Lane is one of those women that seems to get even better with age. At 47, she's still looking great, perhaps even better than in her role that lands her on the list.

    In 2001, she was the main female in Hardball, a story centered on youth baseball. Even acting alongside Keanu Reeves doesn't deter the beauty she has in the film.

10. Rene Russo: 'Major League'

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    The 1989 comedy Major League is required viewing for baseball fans, especially fans of the Cleveland Indians. Having Charlie Sheen in there is a bonus as well, and the woman he tries to woo throughout the film is played by Rene Russo.

    Russo's bookish looks were a contrast to not only the others on the list, but to Sheen as well, and the contrast pushed her that much higher on the list.

    It helps that she can look hot with different looks as well.

9. Teresa Wright: 'The Pride of the Yankees'

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    You can't make a much stronger case for a WAG than playing the wife of Lou Gehrig. That's precisely what Teresa Wright did in The Pride of the Yankees in 1942.

    She was nominated for an Academy Award for Best Actress for her portrayal, and like Patricia Ellis, I have to at least showcase some of the classic Hollywood beauties of yore.

8. Angela Bassett: 'Mr. 3000'

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    The 2004 film Mr. 3000 starred Bernie Mac as a baseball player trying to make a comeback and reach that coveted 3,000-hit mark. Angela Bassett plays his girlfriend in the film.

    Despite being in her mid-40s during filming, Bassett is definitely the eye candy of the movie and continues to be seen frequently on the big screen.

7. Drew Barrymore: 'Fever Pitch'

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    Drew Barrymore has a timeless cute look about her, which makes her a natural to get onto lists like these. Her role in Fever Pitch certainly felt like it was written for her.

    The romantic comedy had that nice feel about it, but ironically, the same feeling that gets her on the list keeps her from going higher, since she comes off on the sweet side almost too well.

6. Kim Basinger: 'The Natural'

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    In 1983, Kim Basinger worked as a Bond Girl. The following year, she became the WAG of Robert Redford in The Natural, and looked great doing it.

    In the mid-1980s, Basinger had been a model and occasional actress; this film was one of those that provided her a big break, as she was nominated for a Golden Globe.

    Plus, she got to be seductive in the movie.

5. Cara Buono: 'Beer League'

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    Artie Lange's 2006 film Beer League is probably not one that has been seen much, and it wasn't exactly well-received. Having said that, it does provide us with WAG Cara Buono.

    Many probably know her best from Mad Men, which naturally makes her a great candidate for a list like this, with the women on that show.

    As for Buono, it's great that we're seeing more of her these days, both in television and on the big screen.

4. Yasmine Bleeth: 'BASEketball'

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    If you're a former Baywatch lifeguard, shouldn't it be a requirement to be in the top five on a list like this?

    That seems to be the case here when it comes to Yasmine Bleeth, who played the love interest of the main character in BASEketball.

    The movie was one of only a handful of movie credits to Bleeth's name, but this one certainly made an impact. Did I mention she was on Baywatch?

3. Kelly Preston: 'For Love of the Game'

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    The last of the Kevin Costner baseball films. The 1999 film For Love of the Game was a drama, starring Kelly Preston as the girlfriend of Costner's character.

    Preston may be pushing 50, but she still looks great, and she looked even better in the movie. She must have, if she was able to push off some of the women that you've just seen.

2. Jessica Biel: 'Summer Catch'

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    The 2001 film Summer Catch is one of those films in which there's really only one reason to watch it. That reason is, of course, Jessica Biel.

    Biel is one of the youngest on the list, as she was 19 when the film came out. Needless to say, no one's complaining about that, especially given the looks that she can pull off.

1. Jenny McCarthy: 'BASEketball'

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    One of Jenny McCarthy's earliest forays into acting was in the 1998 film BASEketball, in which she played the widow of Ted Denslow, who got the league going.

    Perhaps it's a bit of a stretch to consider her a WAG given that plot point, but it's Jenny McCarthy in her 20s in a baseball movie, so I'm sure that can be overlooked.