The 20 Best Goalie Fights in NHL History

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The 20 Best Goalie Fights in NHL History

Hockey fights are perhaps the greatest tool the NHL can utilize to attract new fans. Owners run clubs like a business these days, in part by realizing that a strong fanbase produces a fun atmosphere for tax payers to venture to as well as creating a large revenue.

Realistically, fighting is what keeps hockey interesting to a large American fan population—plus, seeing as how the players enjoy it, why not let them drop the gloves?    

If the whole Dwyane-Wade-breaking-Kobe's-nose thing happened in the NHL, best believe there would have been a brawl. Hockey is so physical that something as minimal as snowing the opposing goalie starts fights.

Face it, the only comparison other sports can make to hockey's most violent act is perhaps the days of the ABA—made prevalent to the current generation through movies like Semi-Pro. Other than that, sports fans can only hope Ndamukong Suh decides to throw some bows instead of stepping on your head, or maybe World Peace will finally start swinging again.

However, the only thing more awesome than a good hockey fight is when opposing goalies drop the gloves. Here are the top 20 goalie fights in the history of the NHL.


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