Josh Smith Dunk Video: Watch Hawks' Star Posterize Serge Ibaka

Scott Semmler@@ScottSemmler22Analyst IIMarch 4, 2012

Josh Smith is known for his premier athletic ability and it was on full display on Saturday night against the Oklahoma City Thunder—and most notably in the face of Serge Ibaka.

The play almost set itself up, with Zaza Pachulia picking up a loose ball and passing it to a driving Smith at the top of the key, who had an airport runway to depart his dunk from.

Credit Ibaka for even coming within 10 feet of Smith and his left-handed monstrosity of a dunk—a dunk which sent the arena into a frenzy, including the Atlanta Hawks players who were just waiting for the instant replay on the JumboTron to catch a sneak peak at the next poster on the wall.

Ibaka seemed to put up a pretty good fight, meeting Smith at the top of the dunk, only to be negated by the pure strength of Smith and his second effort at the rim.

"Air Congo," as the play-by-play announcer called Ibaka, had little-to-zero chance at defending this dunk.

Most fans immediately think of Blake Griffin and his dunk antics that usually send the arena into a frenzy. That seemed to be what happened at Philips Arena on Saturday night.

Smith knew it was a big dunk for one reason and that was that Pachulia picked him up afterwards. That's how most Hawks players know they have done something crazy, by the way. Pachulia hugs them and picks them up. It was very reminiscent of when DeAndre Jordan hugs Griffin after one of his dunks, except very different.

Smith and Griffin are two of a handful of players who can light up an arena with their high-flying ability, and Saturday night was Smith's night.