WWE RAW: Why a David Otunga Victory Makes More Sense in the Long Run

Derek McKinleyCorrespondent IMarch 3, 2012

As Smackdown general manager Teddy Long prepares to assume the GM duties on Monday Night RAW for the week, he has announced a match between David Otunga and The Great Khali, ostensibly, to inflict maximum punishment and devastation on John Laurinaitis' legal counsel, and the presumed captain of Team RAW if any sort of inter-brand WrestleMania confrontation is indeed going to occur.

This is David Otunga's chance to really take charge of his character and deal the first major blow in the war between GMs. Having played the role of a smarmy, educated yes-man to uber-heel Laurinaitis, fans are eager to see Otunga get destroyed.

The Great Khali seems like just the man to do it. He's big and scary (and an awful wrestler, but I digress). He looks like he could hammer Otunga into the ground with a single well-placed chop to the head.

That should absolutely not happen.

It's too easy. Fans want to see Otunga, the pompous jackass character that he's played so well, get creamed.

Monday Night RAW is set to emanate from the TD Garden in Boston this week, just a few miles from the Harvard campus where David Otunga received his law degree. It is the perfect opportunity for him to draw an amazing amount of heat in his own right, not just as a lackey for a man with an obscenely long job title.

If Otunga were to come out and cut a promo about how he, the proud Harvard man that he is, absolutely loathes the city of Boston for any number of reasons (trust me, I'm from New England, I know exactly how much Boston sucks), it's an easy way to get cheap heat.

Assuming he can carry that heat into his match with Khali—which shouldn't be difficult, as Boston fans aren't the type to forget an insult—were he to actually pull out a victory over the Punjabi Nightmare, especially following some sort of dirty tactic like a low blow, it would do much more to build toward a decent inter-brand feud than just getting his clock cleaned.

Khali is a joke. He has zero personality and zero wrestling ability, regardless of what anyone says. Having him lose will not damage his credibility any more than lasting barely a minute in the Elimination Chamber already has.

Otunga, on the other hand, has pulled off a pretty convincing gimmick as RAW's resident butt-kisser.

Are his in-ring skills anything to write home about? Maybe not. Still, he's light years ahead of The Great Khali, and denying the already incensed crowd the satisfaction of seeing this traitor to their beloved city get blasted to smithereens would go a long way toward building for a more satisfactory WrestleMania showdown.