Chelsea FC: 5 Reasons Why Andre-Villas Boas Needs to Be Fired

Bimersha GautamCorrespondent IIIMarch 3, 2012

Chelsea FC: 5 Reasons Why Andre-Villas Boas Needs to Be Fired

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    Andre-Villas Boas is one of the multitudes of managers who have arrived at Chelsea after Roman Abramovich's arrival, and I have always been critical of the Russian on his stance on his managerial policies. 

    Nevertheless, I would solemnly stand behind an immediate sacking of Villas-Boas. 

    I do not understand why there remain people in Villas-Boas' bandwagon. It’s implausible for me. 

    Most people seem to point out that it takes time for a manager to settle into a new squad, and it takes a lot of perseverance to build a quality team. 

    Well, the likes of Jose Mourinho and Carlo Ancelotti would disagree. 

    The sheer ineptitude of the Portuguese manager leaves me flabbergasted. 

    Here are five reasons why he must go. 

5. Playing Players out of Position

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    It's frustrating to see quality players being hindered in their progress by being played out of position. 

    Two of the most talented players in the Chelsea squad, Daniel Sturridge and Juan Mata are both played out wide, which is contrary to the central positions these players prefer. 

    Sturridge is an instinctive striker that needs to play more centrally; he has even taken more shots than Fernando Torres

    And it is nonsensical that a player like Juan Mata is played out wide. He needs to be in a more central position so that he can feed the ball to people like Torres. 

4. Flawed Tactics

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    Sometimes, I wonder how Villas-Boas accomplished so much with Porto. 

    His tactics after switching to the Premier League have been riddled with flaws. 

    From playing people out of wide positions as mentioned earlier, to his obstinate defensive high-line policy, he has caused Chelsea to be a sort of a laughing stock. 

    Chelsea, notorious for having one of the best defenses in the league, have been hit disastrously by Villas-Boas defensive tactics. 

    Furthermore, we have a manager who starts Jose "Calamity" Bosingwa over Ashley Cole against Napoli. That's right. Ashley Cole. 

    And I thought Gary Cahill would be a positive signing for Chelsea given his defensive record. However, it seems that he was only bought as he is proficient in playing the offside trap. 

3. Player Management

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    The Chelsea roster is polarized between two camps: for and against Villas-Boas. 

    Players like Raul Meireles, Jose Bosingwa and David Luiz, who have seen an increase of playing time, and who coincidentally all speak Portuguese, are aligned with the manager. 

    However, senior players, the very ones who were instrumental in the meteoric rise of Chelsea, have borne the brunt of Villas-Boas' inept practices. 

    He refused to give Didier Drogba a two-year contract extension, yet he picks him over Fernando Torres. 

    And then, there's Frank Lampard. 

    Time and time again, he has benched Frank Lampard.

    Now, I agree that Lampard is not at the peak, but he is still world-class. Lampard has had 10 goals and five assists this season. Phenomenal. 

2. Fernando Torres

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    If there is one issue I had to pick to highlight the incompetence of Villas-Boas as a manager, I would have to pick his handling of Fernando Torres. 

    If you've followed Torres this season, he has been nothing but sensational. Not only does he lead the attack but also comes back and defends as if his life was at stake. He has pulled out several man-of-the-match performances for Chelsea, yet he finds it extremely difficult to get on the scoresheet. 

    Against Sunderland, Torres executed a perfectly timed volley only to see it rattle off the crossbar and fall at Frank Lampard's feet to go in. Against Norwich, his sensational toe poke was saved perfectly by John Ruddy.

    Against Manchester United, apart from that glaring miss, Torres was sensational. Against Swansea, he scored again. But, he was sent off and received a three-game domestic suspension. Yet, it looked as if fortunes were finally starting to change for Nando.

    Torres scored twice in a victory over Genk in the Champions League, and you also have to remember that he has three assists in four Champions League appearances.

    Here was a man starting to gain his form back again, proving to the world that he is still of world-class mould.

    But what does Villas-Boas do? It seems that Villas-Boas has done everything to rob Torres of his last ounce of confidence. 

    He benches him time and again. Players who are on the verge of regaining their form and confidence need playing time—every manager knows that. It's pathetic that Villas-Boas doesn't.

    He is benched in favor of Didier Drogba. Didier Drogba? The same player Villas-Boas refused to give a two-year contract to. The same Drogba who is about to leave Stamford Bridge. 

    Between his sending-off at Swansea and the commencement of the start of the African Cup of Nations, Fernando Torres has never played a full game besides a few lone starts. Against Blackburn, Liverpool, Wolverhampton, Newcastle, Tottenham and Aston Villa, he played 45, six, 12, 11 and 12 minutes, respectively.

    Drogba, on the other hand, except for an 11-minute spell against Swansea in September, has played almost each match in its entirety. What footballing philosophy is Villas-Boas espousing? 

1. Recent Results

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    On the day when Arsenal showed their resilience and saw off Liverpool, Chelsea faltered again. 

    That is how the season has spanned out to be. 

    They drew against Manchester United after being three goals up, lost to Everton in catastrophic fashion, crumbled in Italy against Napoli and now West Bromwich Albion?

    Clearly, he has got to go. 

    Rumors are there that Rafa Benitez might be making his way to Stamford Bridge soon!