Iditarod 2012 Results: Standings, Latest Updates, Analysis and More

Richard Langford@@noontide34Correspondent IMarch 3, 2012

The famous Iditarod will kick off on Saturday, March 3rd, and we will be here to update you on the progress of this event as competitors wind their way from Anchorage to Nome. 

Update: Tuesday, March 13 at 10:00 p.m. ET

Dallas Seavey is your 2012 Iditarod champion. Seavey, who just turned 25, is the youngest musher to ever win the race.

Aliy Zirkle completed the grueling event in second, and is the only other musher who has finished the race. 

1.Dallas Seavey (15:37) Checkpoint: Safety

2. Aliy Zirkle (16:49) Checkpoint: Safety

3. Ramey Smyth (02:17) Checkpoint: White Mountain

4. Aaron Burmeister (03:50) Checkpoint: White Mountain

5. Peter Kaiser (06:55) Checkpoint: White Mountain

6. Ray Redington Jr. (09:08) Checkpoint: White Mountain

7. Mitch Seavey (09:27) Checkpoint: White Mountain

8. John Baker (09:27) Checkpoint: White Mountain

9. Michael Williams Jr. (10:18) Checkpoint: White Mountain

10. DeeDee Jonrowe (10:41) Checkpoint: White Mountain

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Update: Monday, March 12 at 7:10 p.m. ET

Dallas Seavey stretched out his lead as mushers gear up for the final stretch. Aaron Burmeister, who was in second leaving the Shaktoolik checkpoint, fell off the pace and was passed by Aliy Zirkle. 

The Associated Press quoted race spokeswoman Erin McLarnon as saying the mushers are expected to hit the finish line on Tuesday. 

Current Standings:

1. Dallas Seavey (3:17) Checkpoint: Koyuk

2. Aliy Zirkle (4:53) Checkpoint: Koyuk

3. Aaron Burmeister (6:43) Checkpoint: Koyuk

4. Ramey Smyth (8:37) Checkpoint: Koyuk

5. Mitch Seavey (8:28) Checkpoint: Koyuk

6. Peter Kaiser (8:22) Checkpoint: Koyuk

7. John Baker (7:48) Checkpoint: Koyuk

8. Ray Reddington Jr. (10:41) Checkpoint: Koyuk

9. Ken Anderson (12:43) Checkpoint: Koyuk

10. Michael Williams Jr. (13:51) Checkpoint: Koyuk


Update: Sunday, March 11 at 10:00 p.m. ET

Another day another leader board change. Aliy Zirkle surrendered the lead to Dallas Seavey, who had one of the best days of the event on Sunday, sky-rocketing from fifth place to first. 

At this point it seems as if anybody in the top five is capable of capturing the title as the intensity begins to get cranked up a notch. 

Current Standings:

1. Dallas Seavey (18:31) Checkpoint: Shaktoolik

2. Aaron Burmeister (18:58) Checkpoint: Shaktoolik

3. Aliy Zirkle (19:14) Checkpoint: Shaktoolik

4. John Baker (09:08) Checkpoint: Unalakleet

5. Mitch Seavey (12:00) Checkpoint: Unalakleet

6. Ray Redington Jr. (12:15) Checkpoint: Unalakleet

7. Ramey Smyth (13:38) Checkpoint: Unalakleet

8. Peter Kaiser (12:17) Checkpoint: Unalakleet

9. Sonny Lindner (14:12) Checkpoint: Unalakleet

10. DeeDee Jonrowe (14:15) Checkpoint: Unalakleet

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Update: Saturday, March 10 at 9:30 p.m. ET

Don't look now but we have some measure of consistency out in front. Aliy Zirkle put in a fine time and looks to be rolling right now. 

The big mover amid the shakers is Jake Berkowitz that placed a time of 11:31 to climb the board and put the scare in the rest of the field. 

The momentum clearly rests with Zirkle, but there is little room to rest as this race hits the breaking point. 

Current Standings:

1. Aliy Zirkle (11:14) Checkpoint: Kaltag

2. John Baker (14:32) Checkpoint: Kaltag

3. Mitch Seavey (14:33) Checkpoint: Kaltag

4. Aaron Burmeister (14:56) Checkpoint: Kaltag

5. Dallas Seavey (15:19) Checkpoint: Kaltag

6. Jeff King (16:00) Checkpoint: Kaltag

7. Jake Berkowitz (11:31) Checkpoint: Nulato

8. Peter Kaiser (11:29) Checkpoint: Nulato

9. Ray Redington, Jr. (11:32) Checkpoint: Nulato

10. DeeDee Jonrowe (11:33) Checkpoint: Nulato

11. Sonny Lindner (11:33) Checkpoint: Nulato

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Update: Friday, March 9 at 9:00 p.m. ET

Surprise, surprise. There's a new leader at the top of the standings. Aliy Zirkle has taken over the No. 1 spot, and is the first participant to reach the Galena checkpoint. 

Zirkle was at the top of the standings last on Tuesday. She finished 11th in the Iditarod last year, and has finished the event 10 years in a row. 

71-year-old Jim Lanier was in the lead at last check, but has fallen back to the middle of the pack.

Current Standings:

1. Aliy Zirkle (15:53) Checkpoint: Galena

2. Mitch Seavey (6:00) Checkpoint: Ruby

3. Dallas Seavey (7:07) Checkpoint: Ruby

4. John Baker (8:30) Checkpoint: Ruby

5. Aaron Burmeister (9:05) Checkpoint: Ruby

6. Jeff King (9:54) Checkpoint: Ruby

7. DeeDee Jonrowe (10:59) Checkpoint: Ruby

8. Ray Redington, Jr. (11:30) Checkpoint: Ruby

9. Sonny Lindner (11:44) Checkpoint: Ruby

10. Peter Kaiser (11:54) Checkpoint: Ruby

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Update: Thursday, March 8th at 10:30 p.m. ET

For the third day in a row we have a new leader. Jim Lanier flew past the fading Buser’s tandem and now holds the slight lead over Mitch Seavey.

What’s incredible about Lanier is his age. At 71, he is not only competing against much younger mushers in an extremely physically demanding sport, but he’s winning.

Now he is the leader as we reach the halfway mark and won a prize of gold nuggets worth $3,000 for his efforts.

Current Standings:

1. Jim Lanier (13:55) Checkpoint: Cripple

2. Mitch Seavey (14:16) Checkpoint: Cripple

3. Trent Herbst (15:22) Checkpoint: Cripple

4. Dallas Seavey (15:58) Checkpoint: Cripple

5. John Baker (17:02) Checkpoint: Cripple

6. Ally Zirkle (03:57) Checkpoint: Ophlr

7. Jeff King (04:38) Checkpoint: Ophlr

8. Sonny Lindner (05:39) Checkpoint: Ophlr

9. Aaron Burmeister (05:44) Checkpoint: Ophlr

10. Paul Gebhardt (06:12) Checkpoint: Ophlr 

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Update: Wednesday, March 7th at 8:30 p.m. ET

For the second straight day there is a new leader in the Iditarod. Martin Buser has wrestled away first place from Aliy Zirkle. 

Martin has won this event four times. He and his son Rohn were the only mushers to reach the Ophir checkpoint. 

Martin jumped into the lead when he stayed just two minutes at the Takotna checkpoint. 

Current Standings:

1. Martin Buser (12:19) Checkpoint: Ophir

2. Rohn Buser (13:34) Checkpoint: Ophir

3. Jim Lanier (14:59) Checkpoint: Takotna 

4. Aliy Zirkle (23:30) Checkpoint: Takotna 

5. John Baker (00:09) Checkpoint: Takotna 

6. Mitch Seavey (00:09) Checkpoint: Takotna 

7. Jeff King (00:14) Checkpoint: Takotna 

8. Dallas Seavey (00:21) Checkpoint: Takotna 

9. Ray Redington Jr. (01:27) Checkpoint: Takotna 

10. Paul Gebhardt (01:59) Checkpoint: Takotna 

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Update: Tuesday, March 6th at 6:40 p.m. ET

There is a new leader in the 2012 Iditarod. Ray Redington Jr. has fallen to fifth place as the mushers reached the Nikolai checkpoint. Aliy Zirkle is the new race leader. 

Zirkle made the jump from fourth to first by the time the mushers hit the Rohn checkpoint. 

Current Standings:

1. Aliy Zirkle (9:14)

2. John Baker (9:36)

3. Lance Mackey (9:59)

4. Hugh Neff (10:05)

5. Ray Redington Jr. (10:22)

6. Mitch Seavey (10:50)

7. Jeff King (10:52)

8. Paul Gebhardt (10:56)

9. Aaron Burmeister (11:03)

10. Dallas Seavey (11:16)

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Update: Monday, March 5th at 7:10 pm.m ET

Ray Redington Jr. continues to lead as the mushers arrived at the Rainy Pass checkpoint. He currently has his full compliment of 16 dogs, as do all the mushers in the top five. 

Obviously, there is a long way to go, and a lot can happen, but Redington has definitely established himself as the person to beat. 

Current Standings:

1. Ray Redington Jr. (9:02)

2. Hugh Neff (9:05)

3. Lance Mackey (9:36)

4. Aliy Zirkle (9:40)

5. Jim Lanier (10:13)

6. Paul Gebhardt (10:37)

7. Cim Smith (11:04)

8. Jeff King (11:04)

9. Michael Williams Jr. (11:38)

10. Bruce Linton (11:49)

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UPDATE: Sunday March 4, 8:00 p.m. EST

In an intense race that is off to a great start, it was Ray Redington Jr. who has pulled away from Jim Lanier for the lead. In his 10 career Iditarod Race, Redington has recorded seven career top 20 finish.

He is the obvious favoite at the current juncture.

Current Standings:

1. Ray Redington Jr. (14:00)

2. Jim Lanier (14:02)

3. William Pinkham (14:04)

4. Tom Thurston (14:06)

5. Jodi Bailey (14:08)

6. Wade Marrs (14:10)

7. Cim Smyth (14:12)

8. Nicolas Petit (14:14)

9. Jeff King (14:16)

10. John Baker (14:18)

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This amazingly taxing event will likely last between eight and 10 days. Any race that has a projected finish time spanning two days is sure to be an adventure.

Last year, John Baker won the race and set a record time of eight days, 18 hours and 46 minutes. However, he enjoyed relatively nice conditions. The racers this year are not likely to be so lucky.

Alaska has had heavier snowfall than usual this year, and racers would be well served to expect the weather to play a serious factor.

Here is the map, courtesy of, of the grueling route the mushers and dogs face.




Racers will be on the Northern route this year. The race alternates between that and the Southern route.

Ray Redington Jr., 36, was the first to get under way. He started at 2 p.m. ET. Redington is the grandson of Iditarod co-founder, Joe Redington, Sr.

The racers are currently mushing about the course. They have yet to hit a checkpoint. This page will be updated as they continue to race and hit their checkpoints.


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