WWE: Could CM Punk's Wrestling Career End as a Commentator?

Gina GeatchesCorrespondent IIIMarch 3, 2012

Source: http://obama.net/chris-brown-picks-fight-twitter-gets-blasted-wwe-champion-punk/
Source: http://obama.net/chris-brown-picks-fight-twitter-gets-blasted-wwe-champion-punk/

CM Punk is without a doubt one the biggest stars in WWE right now, and his main-event status is no fluke.

Punk earned his reputation as a wrestler on the independent scene. He previously worked for IWA: Mid-South, TNA and ROH before signing a development contract with WWE in 2005. He wrestled in WWE’s developmental territory OVW throughout 2005 and early 2006 until he made his WWE TV debut on ECW in July.  

Punk went from being just another guy on the roster to ECW Champion, World Heavyweight Champion and WWE Champion.

In late 2010, Punk injured his hip and was forced out of action. To keep his presence within WWE, Punk started doing regular ringside commentary on Monday night Raw until he recovered.

In June 2011, Punk started cutting promos in which he criticized WWE and the backstage politics. He announced his contract would expire at the PPV Money in the Bank and vowed to leave the company as the WWE Champion.

As we all know, Punk won the Championship at Money in the Bank and temporarily left the company before returning in July.  Since then, Punk has been praised for his microphone skills and for representing the older fans' opinions.  His segments echoed the words of his former Independent days, and WWE finally gave him the chance to show everyone what he was truly capable of.

Punk has done commentary on Raw several times since returning to the ring and never fails to entertain the fans when on commentary, but could CM Punk finish his career in WWE not as a wrestler, but as a commentator?

Unfortunately for some wrestlers, and for the fans, not all wrestlers get to choose when they wrestle their last match. Some have to retire years before they had planned to due to injuries. Many wrestlers who aren’t ready to leave the company go on to stay with WWE in a non-wrestling role.

Punk has admitted that he still wants to change more things in WWE before he is ready to leave, but no one said you have to stick to the ring to make a difference in a wrestling company.  

Wrestlers such as Jerry "The King" Lawler and Matt Striker, who have retired from the ring, went on to do commendatory in WWE and still do today.

Not only do the fans enjoy CM Punk’s commendatory, but Punk seems to have fun as well; is there a chance he could end his career as a commentator?  

Punk is no doubt an all-around superstar. He can wrestle, he can talk anyone down and he always entertains the fans. In interviews, when asked about his favourite part of being a WWE superstar, his answer always is in relation to wrestling rather than any other aspect of being a WWE superstar.

With that being said, anything goes in the wrestling world. CM Punk might end his wrestling career as a commentator or as a wrestler, but I think it’s safe to say none of us want to see him leave any time soon.