Sooners Put Big 12 At 1-3 in Bowl Games

DJ GoodwinCorrespondent IJanuary 9, 2009

The best division in football went 1-3 in Bowl games this season.

And that one win wasn't too impressive. Thank you very little Texas.

I don't think Oklahoma fans need a KU blog to pile on, but that was a game the Sooners couldn’t lose.

Let me lay it out there for you, Oklahoma —you've successfully erased any shred of credibility that the Big 12 cultivated this year. After unwrapping the winning golden ticket for the south's slot to the Big 12 title game over Texas, you really owed it to the Horns to go out and clobber whatever opponent you came up against.

Instead, you offer up a 24-14 non-effort  to a run-based Florida squad that was trying to give you the game in the first half. Two touchdowns? Is this a joke? Mission fail.

Of course, Texas can't say too much as things really started to fall apart when Tech played Lloyd Christmas in a public restroom to Ole Miss (47-34) during the Cotton Bowl. Ole Miss of course beat the Gators earlier this year in Gainesville (31-30). That alone took Texas out of the mix for me. Barely surviving Big 10 champion Ohio State (24-21) did little to impress. The Big 10 was 1-6 for the bowl season. You'd like to laugh, but the Big 12 could have easily ended up at 2-5.

As I often do, I'd like to blame Missouri. They kicked off the bowl season with that miserable effort against Northwestern. They squeaked it out despite themselves, but I think they set a bad tone for the Big 12.

On the upside, who looked good for the Big 12 in the bowl season?

Yep, KU and Nebraska.

Sure, we weren't matched up against the level of opponent that most of the southern teams were, but we took care of business and the Huskers actually overachieved.

What does it all mean? Well, I know Nebraska isn't going to be in awe of the South Division next year and will be looking to make a statement when they face Texas Tech and Oklahoma in Lincoln.

I think Kansas needs to wipe the aura of mystique from their eyes as well when they face the “big three” in 2009. Respect is good, but clearly these guys aren't the indestructible comic-book style mega-forces that we have been sold on all year.

It's time to really step into their world and shake it up.