15 Best NFL Athletes to Follow on Twitter

Gordon BlockContributor IIIMarch 9, 2012

15 Best NFL Athletes to Follow on Twitter

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    Twitter can be a fun place for fans to interact with players.

    Despite this fun, it can be tough wading through the constant stream of information on the site and its dizzying pace of renewal.

    With that in mind, it's time to organize a list of players fans should have on their radar. In addition to having interesting things to say, each of these players is active on the site and good about interacting with fans.

    For your #followfriday enjoyment, and here are 15 of the best NFL players to follow on Twitter.

Aaron Rodgers

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    Find him at: @AaronRodgers12

    Why you should follow: When he's not starring in State Farm ads or dominating at the quarterback position, Green Bay Packers star Aaron Rodgers is a pretty regular Twitter user. In addition to talking sports and making interesting observations, he's pretty good about interacting with fans.

    Tweets: 1,342

    Followers: 553,338

    Sample Tweet: "Awesome mullet at baggage claim. She's rockin it strong" and "Tried for a picture but she was speed walking"

Josh Scobee

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    Find him at: @joshscobee10

    Why you should follow: Recently given the franchise tag by the Jacksonville Jaguars, kicker Josh Scobee has a mean sense of humor and is great about interacting with fans. He's not afraid to crack jokes, even about sensitive issues around the league.

    Tweets: 4,339

    Followers: 13,548

    Sample Tweet: "I had a bounty on every football I kicked. If it exploded on contact I get paid mucho cash......so far I've made exactly zero dollars"

Scott Fujita

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    Find him at: @scottfujita99

    Why you should follow: Cleveland Browns linebacker Scott Fujita tweets pretty regularly, and ranges from updates on himself and his family (he just had his third daughter) to the day-to-day life around the league.

    Tweets: 2,139

    Followers: 16,064

    Sample Tweet: "How come none of you ever told me how much easier life would get with a mini-van?!"

Chad Ochocinco

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    Find him at: @Ochocinco

    Why you should follow: One of the more outspoken members of the league, New England Patriots wide receiver Chad Ochocinco is great about keeping his tweets interesting. He's also one of the best in facilitating fan interactions, often challenging his Twitter followers to play him in video games like FIFA 12 online.

    Tweets: 34,063

    Followers: 3,289,408

    Sample Tweet: "Peyton Manning news conference was just interrupted by college basketball. I'm thoroughly pisstified, a level 6 on pisstification meter!!!"

Drew Brees

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    Find him at: @DrewBrees

    Why you should follow: New Orleans Saints quarterback Drew Brees just came off one of the best seasons ever, and throughout the year has been active in talking to fans about games and his personal life. 

    The owner of a Jimmy John's franchise, Brees also likes to talk sandwiches (he appears to like the No. 9, also known as the Italian Night Club, which is a combination of pepperoni, capicola and ham.)

    Tweets: 1,050

    Followers: 1,041,637

    Sample Tweet: "You can bet that I am getting my Jimmy Johns today in Indy. Craving that #9"

Arian Foster

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    Find him at: @arianfoster

    Why you should follow: One of the best rushers in the league, Houston Texans running back Arian Foster has fun on Twitter, running fan-based music playlists and thanking the fans for their support. 

    Tweets: 2,826

    Followers: 162,653

    Sample Tweet: "American idol needs to have an original track week. All it shows is that you can imitate established artists."

Marshawn Lynch

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    Find him at: @MoneyLynch

    Why you should follow: Seattle Seahawks running back Marshawn Lynch, better known as Beast Mode, isn't the most active Twitter user (good for those just starting on the site), but when he gets on he talks with fans and hypes up his newest ad spots, like this one for Nike. Could definitely use more Skittles references.

    Tweets: 370

    Followers: 34,857

    Sample Tweet: "Beast Mode and u can ask my momma on mommas...."

James Harrison

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    Find him at: @jharrison9292

    Why you should follow: While he gets a (deserved) reputation for his vocal disagreements with NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell (he has several posts about the bounty scandal with the New Orleans Saints), Pittsburgh Steelers linebacker James Harrison also has a humorous side. He spends a good bit of his posting time talking about his family and replying to fan messages.

    Tweets: 1,437

    Followers: 225,008

    Sample Tweet: "I don't like going to the dentist but you got to have a clean grill!"

Larry Fitzgerald

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    Find him at: @larryfitzgerald

    Why you should follow: One of the most active athletes around on Twitter, Arizona Cardinals wide receiver Larry Fitzgerald has drawn in Twitter followers not unlike how he drew in ugly passes from his (multiple) quarterbacks this season.

    In addition to talking about the game, Fitzgerald also takes time to post inspirational quotes and biblical messages to followers.

    Tweets: 13,753

    Followers: 1,202,682

    Sample Tweet: "Travel in the offseason doesn't stop. #TeamFitz in DC where u at?"

Josh Cribbs

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    Find him at: @JoshCribbs16

    Why you should follow: He may be best known for his return work, but the Cleveland Browns' Josh Cribbs has also got a great reputation of talking with fans on Twitter. He also appears to be setting up for a second career as a movie critic (he talks a lot about movies).

    Tweets: 6,205

    Followers: 106,313

    Sample Tweet: "Please go see project X it was Hillarious!! I went with low expectations & it was pretty decent overall I wasn't disappointed."

Jason Babin

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    Find him at: @jasonbabin93

    Why you should follow: Philadelphia Eagles defensive end Jason Babin can pile up sacks against opposing quarterbacks, but he also can pile up some controversy.

    He did that this week when he expressed support for Eagles wide receiver DeSean Jackson to get a long-term deal instead of a franchise tag contract. He also likes making jokes about celebrities.

    Tweets: 2,220

    Followers: 32,612

    Sample Tweet: "BREAKING NEWS: Rumor, Brad Pitt, just might get hit with a #FranchiseTag by Paramount Studio's. Word from camp #Brangelina, not happy……"

Chris Kluwe

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    Find him at: @chriswarcraft

    Why you should follow: As much of a nerd as he is a football player, Minnesota Vikings punter Chris Kluwe is an interesting person to follow through Twitter. He frequently interacts with fans, and isn't afraid to throw out some sci-fi/video game related references to apply to current situations.

    Tweets: 3,627

    Followers: 39,689

    Sample Tweet: "Also, if anyone is thinking of putting a bounty on me, the last guy who tried to collect was named Greedo. #ishotfirst"

Eddie Royal

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    Find him at: @eddieroyal19

    Why you should follow: Denver Broncos wide receiver Eddie Royal is at his best when he's informally polling fans about other events in sports and team decision-making. He also isn't afraid to break down some of his workout routine, even when it gets embarrassing.

    Tweets: 1,511

    Followers: 61,952

    Sample Tweet: "Jus almost fell off the stair master smh ladies y'all make that thing look too easy"

Rashard Mendenhall

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    Find him at: @r_mendenhall

    Why you should follow: He may have (deservedly) raised some eyebrows over his tweets about the death of Osama Bin Laden, but Pittsburgh Steelers running back Rashard Mendenhall is more reasonable with his tweets. He frequently talks with fans and goes over his favorite music and online videos.

    Tweets: 921

    Followers: 85,694

    Sample Tweet: "If you put stuff in the microwave, don't tell people you cook. So if you ONLY watch TV, you are not an intellectual. Get some real info."

Robert Mathis

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    Find him at: @robertmathis98

    Why you should follow: A prolific Twitter user, Indianapolis Colts defensive end Robert Mathis takes a lot of time to support his teammates and the organization. He also talks a lot with fans (even in the past few days with news of quarterback Peyton Manning's departure). 

    Tweets: 9,583

    Followers: 35,937

    Sample Tweet: "I'm honored2announce my college jersey #55 Alabama A&M will be retired March 3rd so if possible come out in numbers to support! #GodIsGood"