WWE/TNA: Who Would You Build YOUR Pro Wrestling Promotion Around?

ThunderlipsCorrespondent IMarch 3, 2012

Wade Barrett would be my pick.
Wade Barrett would be my pick.

I see this question asked a lot in other sports forums and columns. The answer always seems to vary with an assortment of opinions. What professional athlete would you build your franchise around?

As the owner of a sports team, it is imperative that you possess a franchise player. Because with a franchise player, it brings a spotlight to your, well...franchise. A player of this caliber puts butts in the seats and gets you attention in the press and media, but more importantly, they can help you get wins.

Well, pro wrestling obviously is different in that it doesn't compete directly with other promotions. But you still need that flagship talent that can take your promotion to the next level. So the question I will ask you is, who would you build your pro wrestling promotion around?

Your promotion is new, starting from the ground. WWE doesn't exist and you are building this wrestling thing from scratch. All the talent in the world is at your disposal and you have to pick one guy. One guy to make the brand launch a success.

It can be a young guy or an old guy. A heel or a face. A Hall of Famer or as Good Ol' JR would say, someone as "green as goose----!" A WWE, TNA, ROH or indie guy. Hell, he or she could be a backyard wrestler for all I care. Frankly put, it can be anyone who you feel would be worthy of starting a promotion around.

Me, I think I would go with Wade Barrett. He is a young guy (in terms of his time in the business), he has great size and he is great on the mic. He could bring a great presence to a new promotion, getting massive heat from the crowd as the organization looks for a babyface star to top him. Start with a ceremony issuing him the belt or have him win an inaugural title tournament and off we go.

So again, who would you start your promotion around? Let us know, but please explain why you would do so.