Dallas Mavericks Trade Rumors: Latest Buzz Ahead of NBA Trade Deadline

Matt JonesAnalyst IMarch 5, 2012

Dallas Mavericks Trade Rumors: Latest Buzz Ahead of NBA Trade Deadline

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    The March 15th NBA trade deadline is fast approaching and the Dallas Mavericks are looking at options they may have to make to improve their team.

    While the defending NBA Champion Mavericks are one of the lucky teams to be on the short list for the highly coveted Dwight Howard, the team is better suited to acquire him during the free agency period this summer than through a trade. 

    At this point of the season, a trade for the Mavericks is not likely.

    Any move made would be for financial purposes, as the team looks to find a balance between staying competitive this year and clearing cap space for the summer. 

    The following slides will outline some of the options that the Mavericks have during both the trading period and for free agency, and will discuss how likely it is that the team is active before the trade deadline. 

Mark Cuban's Thoughts

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    Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban has said that he does not foresee a trade this season.

    According to Tim MacMahon of ESPN Dallas, Cuban "Likes this Mavericks roster a lot," and that "He's not actively looking to make any changes before the March 15 trade deadline."

    Cuban knows that his team is better suited to be a big player in free agency this summer instead of acquiring a player at the trade deadline. 

    Regardless, Cuban goes on to say in his interview that he and the team will still keep their options open, as he says:

    We’re not looking to change unless someone makes us an offer we can’t refuse. We’re not looking to shake anything up. We think we’ve got a good team that hasn’t played its best basketball yet.

    It would take a lot for the Mavericks to receive an offer they couldn't refuse in a trade, as they do want to further change the team that won the NBA Championship last season and has bigger plans for free agency. 

Lamar Odom for Steve Nash

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    One trade rumor that has come up recently involves Lamar Odom, who the team acquired from the Los Angeles Lakers just before the season started.

    According to Star-Telegram beat writer Dwain Price, there is a possibility that Odom be traded to the Phoenix Suns for veteran point guard Steve Nash. 

    It is no secret that Odom has had a difficult season for the Mavericks, and has battled with significant off-court issues. 

    His up and down season has taken him through multiple struggles including nearly spending time playing for the Texas Legends of the NBA Development League.

    On the same night that he was supposed to play for the Legends, Odom had a strong performance in a victory over the Utah Jazz

    In a post game interview, an optimistic Odom was asked if he could continue to compete at the same level he did in that game for the rest of the season, and he responded by saying "Yes."

    If a trade for Steve Nash happens for the Mavericks, it would re-unite him with Dirk Nowitzki and the Dallas team that he was a part of for six NBA seasons. 

    Dallas would make this deal to bolster the point guard play that they have for the rest of this season, but also to be able to drop salary in an effort to be far enough under the cap to make a run at both Deron Williams and Dwight Howard. 

    Nash has a contract this season of $11.6 million that expires and will come off the books at the end of the year. 

    Nash is currently leading the Suns with 11.6 assists per game and is having a good season on a team that needs to make long-term changes. 

Will Shawn Marion Be Traded for the Future?

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    Over the course of the season there have been rumors that Shawn Marion would be traded in order for the Dallas Mavericks to have enough room under the salary cap to sign both Deron Williams and Dwight Howard. 

    For that to happen, the Mavericks would have to find a trade partner willing to take on Marion's contract and give the Mavericks nothing back in return.  

    In a recent article, Zach Lowe of Sports Illustrated broke down the financial situation of the Dallas Mavericks and suggested that trading Marion and using the Amnesty Clause on Brendan Haywood would not be enough to have Williams and Howard join the team. 

    If the team were to trade Marion and not get a player in return, they would be cashing in the rest of this season for a chance that they can sign a superstar in the summer. 

    Marion was a key part of the championship run last season and is contributing similar numbers this year. He is far too valuable a player for this team to trade away for uncertainty.

    Trading Marion at the trade deadline to create cap space is far too risky of a move for the Mavericks, and would not represent an offer the team could not refuse. 

Is Rodrigue Beaubois on the Trading Block?

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    In a late February post on ESPN Truehoop, Chris Broussard of ESPN.com suggested that the Dallas Mavericks "are ready to move on from the Roddy Beaubois experiment."

    If a trade that sends Beaubois to another team actually takes place, it will be a purely financial move by the Mavericks. 

    Dallas would likely only get a draft pick in return but would be able to clear approximately $2.2 million of cap space that they could use in the summer.

    Again, the likelihood of the team making any trades is slim, but this is rumor that has the best chance of happening if another team wants to make a deal for Beaubois.

Deron Williams

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    If all goes as planned, the Dallas Mavericks will have enough cap space this summer to sign All-Star point guard Deron Williams to a long-term contract. 

    Williams, who has the opportunity to become a free agent at the end of the season, grew up near Dallas and recently said that he likes to play there. 

    After visiting Dallas recently with his current team, the New Jersey Nets, Williams stated

    I’ve always liked playing here. This is one of my favorite arenas to play in, probably my favorite arena to play in. I just enjoy playing in it. I enjoy playing in front of my friends and family. It’s always good for them to get the chance to see me play.

    The biggest threat to Williams not choosing to relocate to Dallas is if the Nets are able to either trade for, or acquire Orlando Magic center Dwight Howard as a free agent. 

    If Howard joins the Nets, it is almost a guarantee that Williams will sign a contract with his current team.

    If Howard does not land with New Jersey, there is a very good chance that Williams returns home to join forces with Dirk Nowitzki and play in front of his friends and family. 

    Williams was named to the All-Star team this season and is coming off a career high and NBA season high scoring performance of 57 points in a game against the Charlotte Bobcats.

Dwight Howard

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    There is not a player in the league this season who has been the subject of more trade speculation than Orlando Magic center Dwight Howard. 

    It seems like every day a new rumor or trade scenario comes out that has Howard headed somewhere other than Orlando.

    The Dallas Mavericks have been on the short list of teams that Howard wants play for but are not able to put together the best trade package for Howard.

    The best case scenario for the Mavericks would be for the Magic to either trade Howard to a team that he will not want to re-sign with, or to not trade for him at all and Howard to choose to become a free agent.

    The worst case scenario for the Mavericks would be for the Magic to complete a trade with the New Jersey Nets, who can put together an attractive trade package and are another team on the short list. 

    If the Mavericks can get past the March 15 trade deadline without a trade out of Orlando, they will have dodged a huge bullet and have an increased chance at landing the center in free agency. 

    It will then be up to Howard, who will have to decide to opt out of his contract and not return to the Magic for another season. 

    If he chooses to return to the Magic, the Mavericks will focus on Deron Williams and will have to wait until the next summer to make a run at Howard.