WWE News: Updated Injury Diagnosis on Wade Barrett

Bleacher ReportAnalyst IMarch 3, 2012

Photo: itsdamntrue.com
Photo: itsdamntrue.com

Over the last year, Wade Barrett has been on a roll and has really been pushed by the upper crust of the WWE. He has been involved in programs with Randy Orton and Daniel Bryan, which have resulted in major wins for Barrett.

In 2011, Barrett captured the WWE Intercontinental Championship and, as the former leader of The Nexus, was involved in a major storyline with John Cena.

But on the February 20th edition of Raw, Barrett suffered a serious dislocation of his elbow and it was reported that he would be out for at least six-to-eight weeks.

A much bleaker diagnosis was determined for Barrett’s injury as of late. According to PWInsider.com (click at your own risk, link may contain malware), Barrett underwent surgery for the dislocated elbow and he is not expected to return to the WWE for at least three-to-four months.

There was a chance that Barrett would make the WrestleMania XXVIII card in Miami if his recovery went well, but after this latest diagnosis, that is obviously out of the question.

PWInsider went on to report that there were plans on having a Money in the Bank match at WrestleMania XXVIII, and Barrett would get the famed briefcase for a future world-title shot at his discretion.

With Barrett’s prolonged absence from the WWE, the Money in the Bank match may be scrapped.

Injuries are a possibility as a WWE superstar, and sometimes they cannot be avoided no matter which pre-match precautions are taken.

Hopefully, Wade Barrett will have a very quick recovery and the “Barrett Barrage” can get back on track in the WWE.