And The Winner Is...

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And The Winner Is...
Me. Just got word that the arbitrator, Benezir Sutton, ruled in favor of me in my grievance against the team. I don't owe them the $500,000 fine for writing this blog ("conduct detrimental to the team, its stakeholders and fans") for the month of November (plus an additional $100,000 per month for December, January and February). And I can now participate 100% in all drills with the team, since they can't force me to retire and they can't force me to sit on the sidelines so they can collect on the insurance.

The team, of course, said they would try to work something out anyway with the insurance company, but that makes no sense to me since I'll be playing baseball this season. Not sure what they expect the men in suits to do for them. But Nick Curtis, Assistant GM, has been running the team for the last two weeks and he said that to the press. Maybe it was the wrong thing to say, because not two hours after we get word of our victory, we heard that the team reinstated GM Alvin Kirby. The sexual assault charges against him are pending, but these things take months, sometimes a year or two, to get resolved. I guess the team thought there's no harm in letting somebody who's qualified work for them rather than sit on his ass and watch cartoons all day.

So, in effect, the team made two transactions today: 1) Jimmy Scott (me in the third person) is back (and not being forced to sit on my ass and watch cartoons all day) and 2) Alvin Kirby is back. I've requested a slumber party to celebrate, but I don't think Alvin would be interested in hanging out with me right now. Although I do think a pillow fight may have been a better way for us to work out our differences than going to a full arbitration panel.

With that behind me, I feel like a weight has been lifted off of my shoulders. That burden is gone. I can just concentrate on playing baseball now and am truly excited.

Now if I could just get over this cold I caught from one of our clubhouse guys. Then I wouldn't have to worry about sneezing on all of the hands that I want to shake and be able to hold my head up high as a winner.

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