LeBron James Passes Up Last-Second Shot Again, Dwells on Twitter After

Mick AkersAnalyst IMarch 3, 2012

With the legend of Miami Heat's LeBron James and his inability to win games down the stretch adding another chapter tonight, with LeBron passing the ball to teammate Udonis Haslem, who missed a possible game-winning shot against the Utah Jazz, James took to his Twitter to sulk on his latest last-second meltdown.

LeBron first tweeted:

Man I have a sick feeling in my stomach right now! Really wanted tonight's game. I just had to make one more dang play out there.

The effects of his game-ending miscues are obviously starting to wear on James, as made painfully evident by his Tweet.

He then sounded hopeless in the Tweet that followed:

A stop, rebound, a shot, assist, a block, whatever it took. I fell short again!

Now he is just feeling sorry for himself and is looking to get pity from the over 3.7 million fans that follow him on Twitter.

I think LeBron should keep his frustrations and heartbreaks about his end-of-game failures, as opposing teams will know he has absolutely no confidence if a game happens to come down to a final possession.

James obviously is one of the best players in the NBA today, but his inability to win close games down the stretch will continue to haunt him until he demonstrates he can win close games on a regular basis.

Until then he should keep to himself when he fails in the closing seconds in the future, as it makes him look soft, and opens him up for more criticism as well.