WWE: The Big Show Will Indeed Be Going for Gold at WrestleMania 28

John KindelanAnalyst IIIMarch 2, 2012

Just 10 days ago, I made the call that Big Show would be going for gold at WrestleMania 28 in the form of the intercontinental title. You can see my article here, on how I nearly narrated this story. Feel free to applaud at any time now.

The battle of Big Show vs. Cody Rhodes will do several things:

1. Big Show will have a winning WrestleMania match in which he will shine. I'm sure it will look like he's just about to lose when the giant will come back and defeat Cody Rhodes.

2. Big Show will gain the WWE Intercontinental Title—the one belt that has eluded him all these years, making him a triple crown champion and the only man to ever hold the WWE Title, the World Heavyweight Championship, the ECW Championship, the US Title and the IC title, not to mention both sets of tag team belts.

3. It will give power back to the IC belt, Cody has barely defended it, and with a fighter like Show having it, no doubt it will put the championship back on the card and start being defended again.

4. Cody will be able to move onto bigger things; matches against Sheamus or Daniel Bryan for the World Heavyweight Championship would be outstanding against Rhodes. He's had matches with both previously and showed that they can light up a ring.

5. At a WrestleMania where so many matches are all headline material, this match will be the one that is just a pure old-fashion, pay-per-view match. It's important, it has two quality participants and there's a title on the line, but it's not about the vingettes or the legend, it's about a title and two guys.

My favorite part of this bout, aside from it being a battle for my personal favorite title, it's going to be fun to draw for the continuation of my WrestleMania 28 sketchbook. You can see the first part here.  

David vs. Goliath, Perseus vs. The Kraken, Marty McFly vs. Biff Tannen, in each of those cases, the little man won, but this time around, watch for the giant to finally get the win.