Cards Buy Their "Ring"

Brett RamseyContributor IJanuary 9, 2009

The Cards over achieved again, showing their fans that they are indeed trying to buy a ring.  Not the one we hoped, however.  The birds signed Royce Ring the other day.  A major league deal, for a career under achiever. 

The Cards most glaring need coming into the season has been filled by cheap, with Trever Miller,Charles Manning, Ian Ostlund, and now Ring.  I like the move, but geez, when can we get a decent player here. 

There is still time and the Cards HAVE to add a starter, and maybe a closer.  A better second baseman would be great too.  Ring has bounced around but was once a highly sought after prospect.  There is still time, but count on the Cards to commit the rest of the winter dough to arb.  The dry powder has been wet, my friends.  Ring is a guy with potential and maybe Dunc' can find it.  One can only hope.