Saints Players and Coaches Involved in Scheme to Hurt Players Should Face Jail

Freddy BlairCorrespondent IMarch 2, 2012

Without the "Bounty" on opposing players, would the Saints have accomplished anything?
Without the "Bounty" on opposing players, would the Saints have accomplished anything?Chris Graythen/Getty Images

There is no place in sports or any other avenue for conspiring and carrying out a plan to intentionally attempt to inflict harm on someone else.

And, apparently they were doing it for a price. Does this really have to be spelled out? Is hiring a "hitman" to "take out" your competition legal in the NFL?

Does one team have the right to gain an advantage by intentionally attempting to inflict injuries on an opposing player that could follow that player and possibly impair him for the rest of his life?

Does anyone have that right?

It is appalling that a man or a group of men would be so selfish that they would conspire to further their own careers by intentionally trying to "take out' their competition.

While the NFL debates punishments for the parties involved in the Saints "Bounty (or, Pay) for Performance" scheme, legal authorities should be preparing charges for conspiracy and attempt to commit bodily harm, and/or conspiracy to commit assault with intent to commit harm, or whatever legal term is used to prosecute that type of action.

While the NFL is a dangerous game and injuries occur often, it should not be an avenue in which conduct of this type is condoned.

For the NFL to think that this is merely an "internal matter" would be arrogance that exceeds normal boundaries. The conspiracy and attempt to intentionally cause bodily harm with a bounty that in some cases reportedly reached as much as $50,000.00 per injury should be considered nothing less than criminal.



The bottom line of this matter is that these men were conspiring to commit physical harm to others, not to win a game. They were offering money to those who could deliver the blows.


They were apparently not concerned with that person's quality of life after the injury, only that they got what they wanted, him out of the game.

What if they had broken someone's neck? This goes beyond safety, and reaches into a criminal element.


If people in an office were to offer bounties for someone to cause bodily harm to a co-worker, they would be arrested and the scandal would be all over the news.


The NFL should strip the New Orleans Saints of it's Super Bowl Trophy if it is determined that the organization knew and condoned it, and make sure that the men involved in this scheme are never allowed to play again. And that should be just the beginning of punishments. For every season that this scheme was in place, the Saints should be penalized and shamed for their criminal act.

Because when you set out to intentionally harm someone else, that's not football, and it's no game.

And these guys shouldn't get away with it just because they are NFL stars. 

What if they had conspired to come after you? Would you want your co-workers to get away with that just because it was at work?

That's the bottom line.