Will Jeff Gordon Have a Solid Year In 2009?

Charles L. GareCorrespondent IJanuary 9, 2009

Hi I'm a die hard Jeff Gordon fan who is hoping that starting February 15, 2009 he has a banner year. Last year was disappointing for himself and his great fans. I can hardly wait for Daytona, I know Jimmie Johnson is his team mate and friend, and that Gordon owns Jimmie's car but personally I'm getting tired of him. I'm hoping that Jeff will be there come November to collect the Sprint Cup, I also know that there those of you who don't feel that way and that's okay. There are many good Nascar driver's but there is only one who is a cut above the rest and that is Jeff Gordon. He is a gentleman and a extraordinary driving talent, have a great time Jeff, were there for you no matter the outcome for your year. Thanks Charles L. Gare