Montreal Canadiens Continue to Play Great Hockey

Charles L. GareCorrespondent IJanuary 9, 2009

I want to say that I was a little concerned last night against Toronto, but the Habs played their game and completely stifled the Leafs.

If they continue at this pace they will soon be biting at the Bruins heels, with the Capitals next at home, and then on to Bean Town.

I hope that Alex Kovalev will keep playing his game along with Robert Lang, and the rest of the team. All the lines seem to be forming a good chemistry and the team is becoming exactly that a team playing as a unite.

Toronto seem to be out of their league against the Canadiens and became very frustrated, with Brad May trying to push his weight around to prove he belongs. Grabovoski was being his usual self and receiving a much needed three-game suspension as a result of his antics.

As we watch this Canadiens team they started slow but have shown of late they are worth the wait, and will definitely be there come playoff time.

It is also good news that Saku Koivu is on his way back as soon as Saturday.

Here is hoping that Carey Price and the rest of the injury-riddled Canadiens will return very, very soon