Dana White Says Frankie Edgar Is Guaranteed a Title Shot Against Jose Aldo

Mike HodgesCorrespondent IMarch 2, 2012

Courtesy of MMAMania.com
Courtesy of MMAMania.com

UFC President Dana White is willing to offer Frankie Edgar a title bout, but not against Benson Henderson.

The former champion has protested an immediate rematch against Henderson since losing to the newly-crowned UFC lightweight champion last weekend at UFC 144. The bout was competitive all the way throughout, which saw Henderson pick up the victory via unanimous decision.

But White seems opposed to the idea of rematching Edgar and Henderson, despite the fact that Edgar was forced to accept rematches with BJ Penn and Gray Maynard on separate occasions.

White said he would prefer if Edgar dropped down to 145 pounds and challenged current UFC featherweight champion Jose Aldo. 

"Absolutely, (Edgar) walks straight into a title shot," White told reporters at UFC on FX 2 press conference earlier this week. 

Edgar has been hesitant on the potential move and he said he would like to remain competing at 155 pounds momentarily. 

With Edgar seemingly against the idea of facing Aldo, it leaves White uncertain on the future of the lightweight division.

"First and foremost, I feel like Frankie Edgar absolutely deserves one, seeing as how every fight this guy's fought, he's given everybody else a rematch," he said. "Yet, I don't want him to fight at 155-pounds. I want him to go to 145 and fight for that title. Plus if we do give him a rematch, it clogs up (the division)."

White's hands appear to tied but whether he likes it or not, he is going to have settle with Edgar staying at 155 pounds for the foreseeable future.