Tate vs Rousey: Start Time, Live Streaming and TV Info

Jeff ChaseSenior Analyst IIMarch 2, 2012


With the women's bantamweight title on the line, Strikeforce fighters Miesha Tate and Ronda Rousey will battle it out on March 3 to see who will walk away holding the title.

Tate is the current title holder, and she will look to hold onto that in her bout with the inexperienced Rousey.

While the clear advantage lies with the champion, the world of mixed martial arts is second to none in the world of upsets. Anything can happen, and this bout may be no different.


Where: Columbus, OH

When: Saturday, March 3, 10 p.m. EST

Watch: Showtime

Live Stream: TBD


Tate's Keys to Victory

The biggest key for the title holder to continue doing just that is to keep control of the fight. Tate is heavily favored in this bout, as she carries much more experience than her opponent. She is going to have to prove that, and not let Rousey get any chances to take her down.

Tate has 12 career victories in just 14 bouts, and hasn't lost since May 2009.


Rousey's Keys to Victory

It will be an uphill battle for the 25-year-old, as she comes into this title fight with just four fights under her belt. She is 4-0 on her career, and has easily taken down fighters Sarah D'Alelio and Julia Budd in her two Strikeforce fights.

If Rousey wants to win this bout, she has to get Tate on the ground. Every single win in her career has come by an armbar submission. If she can get Tate down and into one, this match will likely be all said and done.


What They're Saying

According to ESPNW's Beau Dure, Tate doesn't think too highly of her young up-and-coming opponent.

I just feel that, all in all, she's not a good representation for our sport. She knows how to sell a fight, and that's fine and dandy. I feel our skills should come before anything else.

Pretty harsh words, and some nice bulletin board material.


What's on the Line?

The is a big deal for MMA and women in general, as this is one of the few times where women will headline a MMA fight.

Hopefully, it won't be stereotyped into selling sex, but actually about these fighter's skills.


Main-Event Prediction

While Rousey is a nice up-and-coming fighter with a whole lot of potential, Tate is just too strong and experienced to drop here title here.

Tate should walk away in a decision, as neither of these fighters are going to take the other out. Too much on the line, and egos are just overflowing.

With everything built around this fight, these two will likely meet up a few more times before it is all said and done.