Chelsea FC: Hiring Rafa Benitez Would Be a Panic Move

Dan RenfroCorrespondent IIIMarch 2, 2012

VERONA, ITALY - NOVEMBER 21:  FC Internazionale Milano head coach Rafael Benitez looks on prior to the Serie A match between AC Chievo Verona and FC Internazionale Milano at Stadio Marc' Antonio Bentegodi on November 21, 2010 in Verona, Italy.  (Photo by Valerio Pennicino/Getty Images)
Valerio Pennicino/Getty Images

Please, Roman Abramovich, be rational. Don't bring in Rafa Benitez right now. Chelsea don't need it. In fact, a new manager is the last thing Chelsea need right now.

According to Harry Harris of ESPN, Abramovich is holding a meeting on Friday to consider the idea of sacking Andre Villas-Boas and parachuting in Benitez.

I honestly couldn't think of a worse possibility for Chelsea's managerial issues.

We can compare and contrast Benitez to Villas-Boas all we want, but that isn't the issue. The bigger issue is the timing.

With four matches in the next 11 days, Abramovich wants to bring in a completely new manager. If he truly wants to give these games away, why doesn't Chelsea just not show up?

There are usually two or three important tough stretches in a club's season. Chelsea have gone through one or two already (Christmas and late January). Now, with two league matches, an FA Cup replay and Champions League second leg, Chelsea are about to embark on a the toughest stretch of 11 days this season.

And Abramovich wants to do it all with a brand-new manager.

Say what you want about Villas-Boas. I have made it clear I support him. Others clearly are against him.

Either way, no one can genuinely think this move is a good idea.

Chelsea are about to play some of the most important matches of the season; they need to be unified. Instead, they might have to rally behind a new manager coming in from the outside.

This is not a tactical ploy. This is not a well-thought out move. This is not an intelligent decision.

This is panic.

Panic doesn't usually yield trophies. In fact, when owners act this irrationally and thoughtlessly, clubs fall apart. Chelsea are one of the best teams in England, but they could throw away their season by the end of the day.

Chelsea still have a chance to turn the season around. However, if they aren't successful in the next 11 days, they will not have a chance to turn the season around.

Nevertheless, Abramovich is thinking about pulling off a panic hiring/firing. If he does, it will accomplish two things: It will show the panic within the club, and it will cost Chelsea their season.

If Abramovich has a rational bone in his body, he won't make this move.

I'm sure not holding my breath.