Tampa Bay Buccaneers: Can They Benefit from the Drew Brees Stalemate?

Tom EdringtonSenior Writer IMarch 2, 2012

Could Drew Brees actually HELP the Buccaneers?
Could Drew Brees actually HELP the Buccaneers?Ezra Shaw/Getty Images

It happens a lot of good teams sooner or later.

It's called salary cap hell.

The Saints are on the verge.

Seems there's a little problem down there in the Big Easy. Drew Brees, who most of us surely would regard as a superstar quarterback, is an unrestricted free agent, though the Saints apparently don't hold him in that "superstar" esteem; they simply think he's pretty good.

Yeah, and Bucs fans only wish Josh Freeman would become "pretty good" in the next few years.

The Saints' stance on Brees isn't surprising. Insulting to Brees, yes, but business is business. Those guys have a lot of really good players, and really good players make really good money, except in the case of Quincy Black...but we digress.

The Saints are staring at a huge contract for guard Carl Nicks, who would look really, really good in pewter and red. They're looking at a really nice contract for Marques Colston, who would look really, really good in Mike Williams' No. 1 receiver slot, allowing Williams to move to the No. 2.

Let's not forget cornerback Tracy Porter, who would look good wearing Ronde Barber's old number.

Just three guys from the Saints and life at One Buccaneer Place would look a whole lot better, wouldn't it?

That being said, Nicks will make huge money, and this Buccaneer ownership has to show us that it's willing to invest. Perhaps they will. Isn't this the team that made Kellen Winslow the highest paid tight end in the NFL?

The possibilities don't end in New Orleans, either.

There's a pretty good linebacker in Atlanta named Curtis Lofton who would fit right in here. Throw him in the middle, move Mason Foster outside and maybe the world wouldn't run all over this defense the way it did last year.

The possibilities are mind-boggling.

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers need to get their "U.S. Marines" on here.

They need to go out and find a few good men. And the Big Easy would be a good place to start.