20 Best Baby-Faced Stars in MLB History

Josh BenjaminCorrespondent IMarch 2, 2012

20 Best Baby-Faced Stars in MLB History

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    I remember in 1996, when I was 10 years old, Derek Jeter took the baseball world by storm.  He was young, effective, had great leadership potential, but that wasn't all.  I noticed that for the first time in my life, girls were showing up to baseball games in droves.

    With cries of "JETER!!!!  JETER!!!!!" it was clear that these fine ladies liked Jeter for something much more than his abilities on the field.  Take a look at the picture to the left, then imagine a gaggle of women ogling it, and the equation should solve itself.

    That's right, folks.  Jeter may be approaching age 38 this season, but he's still got that baby face that makes the lady fans swoon.

    Thus, to honor him and the other baseball heartthrobs, let's have a look at the 20 best baby-faced players in baseball history.

20. Jesus Montero

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    Oh, Jesus.  How adorable.  You have just 18 MLB games under your belt, with a .328 average, four homers and 12 RBI, and you have that shadowy beard going to make your 22-year-old self look grown up.

    I'll shoot a message over to Seattle skipper Eric Wedge, and maybe he'll teach you how to shave.

19. Brandon Inge

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    OK, so maybe Brandon Inge isn't what we would call a "great" player.  Still, just look at his face!  He's 34 years old and looks like he should be doing this instead of charging grounders in the infield.

18. Jeff Karstens

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    Karstens only has one good season under his belt, but come on—with that mug, he looks like he could be one of the original teenage rednecks in Footloose.

17. Mat Latos

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    Mat, are you sure you're supposed to be pitching in spring training and not at the local high school?  I need to see some ID...

16. David Eckstein

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    At 5'6", 170 pounds, David Eckstein did not look like a baseball player.  In fact, when I first saw him, I got memories of playing baseball in the park with my friends and my little brother always wanting to tag along and play.  After some incessant whining, we finally gave in and let him join in the fun and sure enough, he made us all look like amateurs.

    Such was the case with Eckstein in his career, as his baby face made him look like the last one you would think of in terms of being a good player.  He was ridiculously pesky at the plate and finished his 10-year career with a .280 average and remarkable .345 OBP.

    Oh, and to top it all off, he has a hot wife.

15. Roger Maris

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    Roger Maris only had a few great seasons, but that face says it all.  Sure, he was married with children, but the face in this picture is one that says, "Yep...the ladies are going to be all over me now."

14. Brett Gardner

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    Brett Gardner's face in this picture can only be saying one thing: "Don't tell my mom, but I'm going to steal some bases later!"

13. Grady Sizemore

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    It's only fitting that at No. 13, we have the unlucky and injury-prone Grady Sizemore.  The season hasn't even started yet, and he's already set to miss eight to 12 weeks while recovering from back surgery.

    Oh well.  At least that smile will keep the "Mrs. Sizemore" t-shirts selling.

12. Ian Kennedy

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    Oh boy.  Where do I begin with this one?

    Ian, you know I love you and that I owe you big time, considering how you alone helped me win my fantasy league a year or two ago.  Still, not even that red beard can hide the fact that you look like you're 15 years old.

11. David Wright

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    Take a look at David Wright's face, and then look at how the Mets have done since 2008.  I'm starting to think that his million-dollar smile is seriously the only thing keeping fans coming to the games right now.

    I figure it has to be either that or the lobster rolls.

10. Dan Haren

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    I am going to wager a bet with all of my readers right now.  Let's sub out Haren with that typical rebellious high school kid who plays guitar and drives a sweet ride, and I'll bet all I have that the Angels' staff won't know the difference until he steps on a mound.

    I mean, come on!  The face Haren has matches that stereotype 100 percent!

9. Jacoby Ellsbury

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    Ellsbury is coming off an MVP-caliber season and based on his appearance alone, it doesn't look like he would put up numbers like those.  He's relatively slight at 6'1", 185 pounds, almost like the guy on the opposing team who everyone thinks is going to choke.

    Then, in Ellsbury's case, he flashes that baby-faced smile and kills your team in every way possible.

8. Ryan Braun

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    I'll bet that if Ryan Braun wants something today, he just does what he probably did when he was a child.  He uses that baby face to give the sad puppy eyes and everything is handed to him on a silver platter.

    Heck, maybe that's how he won his appeal, but we'll never know.

7. Tim Lincecum

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    Tim Lincecum has had a good career thus far.  He has two NL Cy Young Awards, a World Series ring and throws upwards of 95 mph.

    The crazy part?  He looks like he's 10 years old.

6. Joe Mauer

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    Here's hoping that Joe Mauer is healthy this year, because that baby face of his is long overdue for another MVP-caliber season.  Look out, Target Field, Mauer is going to kill you with that kindly smile!

5. Miguel Cabrera

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    The debate here is if Cabrera is baby-faced or just a bit on the hefty side.  I'll let the readers decide that battle, but either way, the dude can hit and is one of the best players in the game.

4. Shoeless Joe Jackson

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    Before the hate mail starts coming in, allow me to explain.  Shoeless Joe has a baby face in this one way: It's a mug that only a mother could love!

    I guess that also means he was the one Flip Wilson was joking about here.

3. Derek Jeter

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    Man, I don't get it.  Approaching 38 years old, and he's still got the face and swagger of someone who just got drafted.  No matter how you look at it, even Jeter's face makes the manliest of men jealous.

2. Mickey Mantle

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    Right now, I'd like everyone for just one minute to forget everything they know about Mickey Mantle.  Does that buck-toothed, teenager-like face look like one that would go on to hit 536 career home runs?

    Nope, I didn't think so, either.

1. Babe Ruth

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    At the top spot, we have the original baby face himself, folks.  Seeing as how he got his legendary name from looking so young, it's kind of hard to not have him at No. 1 on the list.

    Still don't agree with me?  Just look at his 714 career homers, and he's easily the best baby-faced player in history.