Dwight Howard Trade: How Howard's Departure Will Be Different Than LeBron James'

John Nizinski@@jniz73Analyst IIIMarch 29, 2017

Dwight Howard Trade: How Howard's Departure Will Be Different Than LeBron James'

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    There is a good chance that another star player in the NBA will take his talents to a new city. 

    The league's most dominating center, Dwight Howard, could potentially be on a different team after this season. Rumors suggest that Howard has asked for a trade out of Orlando and could be looking to play in a bigger market.

    LeBron James' ugly departure from the Cleveland Cavaliers to the Miami Heat has caused us to look at every situation involving a star player with that in mind.

    Here is a look at how Howard's situation is nothing like "King" James'.

Dwight Is Giving the Magic a Heads Up

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    In LeBron James' last season with the Cleveland Cavaliers he did not let them know that he didn't want to return. While he may have not actually made his decision until the last minute, he left the Cavaliers believing that he would come back.

    Dwight Howard has gone to the Magic and requested a trade because he does not want to stay in Orlando. He gave the Magic a heads up so that they can plan for the future without him.

Will Not Be Leaving Orlando with Nothing

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    LeBron James left the Cavaliers with nothing. He gave them hope that he may return and when he went to the Heat, they were left with a huge hole in their roster.

    Howard wants the Magic to trade him. If they trade him, they will get some talented players in return. The Magic could potentially get a solid young center in Andrew Bynum or Brook Lopez, along with draft picks and other players. They would most likely be rebuilding for the future, but they will get a nice jump-start in the process with what they get from the Howard trade.

Orlando Is Not D12's Hometown

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    There was something special about LeBron James playing for his hometown team. The Cleveland area has not had a winning franchise in a long time and James gave that area faith. So when he left Cleveland, he disappointed the city that he is from.

    Dwight Howard does not have that same connection with the Orlando area. He has become an important figure in that area of late, but it is not his hometown.

Howard Wants to Go to a Struggling Team

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    Dwight Howard has supposedly made it known that the team that is on top of his wish list is the soon-to-be Brooklyn Nets. The Nets are currently 12-26 and are 6.5 games out of the playoffs. While it is not impossible, it is unlikely that they will make the postseason. The Nets have been a struggling team for a few seasons now. Howard wants to go to the Nets and help make them a playoff contending team. If the Nets are able to get back into the playoffs and make an impact, he will be seen as a hero.

    When LeBron James changed teams, he went to a Miami Heat team that was already a playoff-caliber team. He joined Dwayne Wade and Chris Bosh who are two of the top 15 players in the NBA and would lead the Heat to the playoffs without him. He was seen as a villain for leaving the Cavaliers to join a team that wasn't struggling.

There Will Be No "Decision"

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    One of the worst things that LeBron James did when he switched teams was the "Decision." It was a huge televised event and made James look worse. He has expressed regret about handling the free agency situation that way because he knows it made him look even more like a villain.

    Dwight Howard will not have to experience this. He is a superstar, but not on the same level as James. He has saw the backlash that James received, so he will obviously avoid anything like the "Decision" at all costs.