F.c.w. Wrestling/wwe

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F.c.w. Wrestling/wwe

  Yesterday  on  the  Bubba  the  love  sponge  show they  had the  owner   operator  Steve  Kerin  of  F.c.w.  wrestling.  He  talked  to  Bubba  about  what  they  are  trying  to  do  to  make  the  wwe  stars of   tomorrow.  Steve  talked  about  how  when he  was  just  starting  out  in  the  biz  in  Tampa  with  the  old  florida  championship  wrestling  how  Terry  Bollea aka  Hulk  Hogan  use  to  come  to  all the  shows  in  Tampa  and  asked  steve  i  want  to  be  a  wrestler  Steve  said  Terry  you  play  the  bass  gutiar  and  your  going   to  make  millions  if  you   continue  to  play  the  bass.  Ever  since  then  if  someone  comes  up  to   Steve  he  says  go  to  school  and  if  you  have  it  you  have  it.   that's  what  is  wrong with  the  wrestling  biz  today  there  aren't  enough  fan's  that  become  wrestler's  if  you  ask  Jim  Ross  Steve  Kerin  marks  become  the  best  wrestler's.  Because  they  grow  up  watching  it  is  in there  dna  to  quote  Jim  Ross.  Steve  Kerin had  this  for  some  advice  on becoming  a  wwe  superstar  pick  you  top  5  wrestlers  of  all  time  and  pick  one  or  two  things  from  them  that  made  them  great  and  put  your  own  twist  on  it  that  is  great  advice  to any  young  person  who  wants  to  become  a  wwe  superstar.

   Baroni James

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