Pierre Thomas Moving Up and Reggie Bush Moving Down

Israel GContributor IJanuary 9, 2009

"With the second pick of the 2006 NFL Draft, the New Orleans Saints pick...Reggie Bush."

That was a day that all New Orleans Saints fans believed the losing days were over. The Saints had just selected "the most electrifying" running back in college, and the winner of the 2005 Heisman trophy award. How could the Saints lose? 

If you followed the Saints that year, they made it to the NFC Championship game in the playoffs and lost to the Chicago Bears: 39-14. There was a feeling that the Saints were now a force to be reckoned with, and Reggie Bush was going to be a stronger offensive threat for the following year.

Well, that did not happen. Since his rookie year, Reggie Bush seems to be getting sidelined more often and his numbers don't seem to be getting any better. He is roughly 203 lbs. which makes him more of a medium sized wide receiver.

He still has his great sprint speed, but doesn't seem to break many tackles. He's got a great juke move, but defenders are expecting it and come well prepared for it at game time.

Now enter Pierre Thomas. Pierre Thomas never got a chance to hear his name called in the NFL Draft, but he was signed by the New Orleans Saints as a free agent. During his rookie season and 2008, Pierre Thomas was fourth in the depth chart, behind McCAllister, Bush, and Stecker.

During both of his preseasons, Pierre got a lot of reps and he looked pretty good, but still did not have enough experience, "dazzle", or popularity to make it as the starting running back.

Come 2008, McAllister, Stecker, and Bush are injured. What are the chances??? Pierre Thomas comes in Weeks 11-16 of the 2008 season and gets NINE touchdowns, averages 5.1 yards per carry, and 11.6 yards per reception.

He breaks tackles and runs through several defenders. He weighs about 215 lbs which makes him about an average sized RB.

Reggie Bush averaged averaged 3.8 yards per carry and had 6 touchdowns in the entire 2008 season. He averaged 3.7 yards per carry in 2007, and 3.6 in 2006. Pierre Thomas averaged 4.8 yards per carry in 2008 and 4.8 in 2007.

It's pretty apparent on what has to be done here, but will coach Sean Payton make the move? Should Reggie move down and let Pierre Thomas move up? Reggie Bush has a place in New Orleans as an offensive weapon, but Pierre Thomas has made an impact as well and deserves the opportunity to improve the running game for the Saints.