Alex Smith: Six Years, $49.5 Million of Garbage (Written 10/28/08)

Signature SportsCorrespondent IJanuary 9, 2009

Written by Signature Sports member The Killa.

When Alex Smith was drafted with the first pick in the 2005 NFL draft out of Utah, the San Francisco 49ers expected a centerpiece to the start of a new San Francisco dynasty.

What they got was the exact opposite.

In Alex Smith's first three seasons taking snaps, he started 32 games, threw for 19 touchdowns and managed 31 interceptions, but Don't worry it gets better. 

Alex Smith's 19 touchdowns and 31 interceptions led him to having a 63.5 completion rating. Alex Smith wasn't considered a complete an utter bust in 2006 though, when he threw for 16 touchdowns and 16 interceptions with a 74.8 passing rating!

These look almost one-third as good of the stats somebody who is getting roughly $8.25 million per year!

Alex Smith now is proving to be even more of a waste of money towards the 49ers franchise by backing up J.T. O'Sullivan at the quarterback position, up until Monday night this season.

What happened Monday night you ask? Well, J.T. O'Sullivan was demoted to backup quarterback. Alex Smith with another chance to prove himself, right? Not one bit. Instead, they have promoted Shaun Hill as the starting quarterback. That makes two unheard of players starting over Alex Smith now.

There is no other player in professional sports who is more overpaid than the constantly disappointing Alex Smith. The only thing consistent about Alex Smith is that you almost always know he will throw an interception if he plays for one game.

His star days at Utah and the days of him being considered a top quarterback in the future are long gone. Alex Smith is not only a bust, but he is the most overpaid athlete in professional sports.