Fanhood and Pride? New York Mets Fans Get the Nod (Written Oct. 28, 2008)

Signature SportsCorrespondent IJanuary 9, 2009

Written by Signature Sports Global Moderator nymetsfan1575.


Bias? No. Just the straight up truth. With their loyalty and refusal of disbandment from their team (except for the case of SS member Moss81) these fans are the real deal.

Many people hop on and off the Yankees' bandwagon because of their 26 World Series rings. Others jump onto the Giants because of their recent Super Bowl victory. Let's not forget about the Knicks.

Through many decades, they were a strong-built team and carried a lot of history. Hockey fans are a league of their own, but Rangers fans carry enough history with them to attract "groupies."

What makes Mets fans so special is their ability to come back and cheer on their home-town team through thick and thin. Cue the last three MLB season, where the collapse was unbearable and many of fans were laughed at. But these fans continue to do one thing the Mets are known best for.

A solitary word that was the cornerstone of the 1969 World Series: believe.

These fans aren't cocky either. They know what it's like to collapse. Never once have I seen these fans rub a victory in the opposition's face. The word respect enters play. Yankees fans continuously rub it that they have 26 rings.

Hey morons, about 10 of them came with six teams in the league. Giants fans will give you the 'ol "WE MADE THE PATRIOTS 18-1!" monotonous line. Yeah, we get it. You beat the Patriots. Something the Jets haven't done in seven years. Give them a break though. 1969 Miracle Mets ring a bell?

Through all the boneheaded moves up at the front office—cue the Scott Kazmir trade—they always find a way to pull through. Always looking to the future, these fans suffice everything they have. Well, except Luis Castillo.

No one can forgive GM Omar Minaya for extending his contract for four hopeless years. But none the less these fans take Minaya's word on the comeback of Castillo in which a plan was made to revive the second baseman back to full form.

Queens is where the true fans lie. Through the good and bad, they keep coming back. You may hear some 'boo's' through out the crowd but can you help it? Jets fans boo Brett Favre even during a win. Here's to fans that never give up hope and keep believing.