BYU: Four Games the West Coast Conference Team Should Have Won

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BYU: Four Games the West Coast Conference Team Should Have Won
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Last year, BYU was a powerhouse school in basketball that went to the Sweet 16. This year they could be that team again but it seems they just let things get away from them.

There is no Jimmer Fredette to pull them out, run up the floor and shoot a wild three-pointer, and make it.

Though everyone on the team can shoot a three-pointer, it seems no one picked up on Fredette’s work ethic or range, thus the three-point shooters they have are spotty, with a team average less than 33%.

The best of them shoot only 38% (Nick Martineau’s 60% doesn’t count, the coach didn’t let him play but in 17 games and shoot 6 times). They had no range, and well quite frankly were very unreliable. 

On more than one occasion I've yelled “no, no, no don’t shoot that three, go to the basket.”

I have noticed that those around me have shared the same opinion.

Most notable among the failures of BYU this year is four particular games BYU should have won.

Here are my four that had BYU won, would have them in the lead in the WCC, and a sure tourney pick. The wins might even have them in the Top 15 alongside Murray State.

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