7 Most Exciting UFC Fighters

Todd EisenhauerContributor IMarch 1, 2012

7 Most Exciting UFC Fighters

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    At the end of the day, sports are there for our entertainment. After all the stats are crunched and the championships are rewarded, we look back at what a ride it has been.

    Fortunately for us mixed martial arts fans, we happen to follow one of the most exciting sports. From smack talk to skill, the fighters we watch are as diverse and exciting as they come.

    A select few, however, drive us to order the PPV as soon as it's announced. They consistently have can't miss fights, and we want to be there for every bloody moment of it.

    These are those men.

Nick Diaz

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    Whether you think it's childish antics or brutal honesty, Nick Diaz brings a lot of excitement to the sport.

    The brash attitude and poor decisions can get annoying, but when Diaz steps into the octagon, you know he's there for a fight with a genuine disliking of the man across from him.

Chael Sonnen

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    Rivaled only by Josh Koscheck in the love him or hate him department, Sonnen is truly a polarizing figure.

    Whether you're there to see him give or receive the beat down, he can get you pumped up for his fights like no other. No matter what side of the line we fall on, there is no denying that we can't get enough of him.

Anthony Pettis

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    With a nickname like "Showtime," you're expected to make a list of the most exciting. Anthony Pettis doesn't disappoint.

    Fresh off of a knockout of the night win over Joe Lauzon, Pettis is looking at a rematch against newly crowned champion Ben Henderson.

    Regardless of his other body of work, it is the first fight with Henderson that lands "Showtime" on this list. Getting in tune with his inner Jason Statham, Pettis unleashed the craziest kick in the history of mixed martial arts by running off the cage and kicking in the air.

Frankie Edgar

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    Frankie Edgar has the heart of a lion.

    Few men can get back up after getting knocked down like he does. His UFC debut against Tyson Griffin was the fight of the night, and Frankie would only turn it up from there, winning four more fight-of-the-night honors.

    After finishing his epic trilogy with Gray Maynard, he finally had a new opponent in Ben Henderson. However, the formula remained the same for tough as nails New Jersey native.

    He was knocked down early, only to come storming back in the later rounds. Losing a decision that many disagreed with, a new trilogy could be on the way.

    I think this sums it up nicely.

Diego Sanchez

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    Diego is an animal of a man. He is coming off of three straight fight-of-the-night awards.

    Even more amazing is that he has two fight-of-the-year awards, both wins, over Clay Guida and Karo Parisyan. The UFC has those fights ranked No. 13 and No. 8, respectively, on their top 100 fights of all time list.

    Whether coming in as the "Dream" or as the "Nightmare," everybody knows coming into the fight that Diego is out headhunting.

Jon Jones

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    The current Light Heavyweight champion has been downright dominant so far in his career. Essentially unbeaten, his well-rounded skill set has led to him doing it all.

    He has not only been awarded fight of the night twice, but also knockout and submission of the night.

    His unorthodox style of elbows, kicks and throws could add up to us not seeing another champion in his division for a long time.

Anderson Silva

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    It's a special feeling when you get to watch a legend compete before your very eyes.

    Some will argue that Silva should be left off of the list due to his seemingly bored nature with his opponents in the middle of his career. After the extremely narrow victory over Chael Sonnen at UFC 117, Silva seems to have woken back up.

    Two straight KO/TKO victories for "The Spider" have set up the rematch of a lifetime. With motivation he was sorely lacking, and his hometown Brazil at his back, Anderson Silva may be the most exciting we have ever seen him.

    After a career like this, that is truly amazing.