"Florida By 10...Told Ya!": Gator Joe's Crow Shack, Open for Business

Joe BuckeyeCorrespondent IJanuary 9, 2009

Wanna crow about your prediction? Wanna serve up some crow for that dude you've been battling with on B/R all season?

You are hereby cordially invited to post your pick (or expose the folly of your nemisis).

Here's my prediction on the BCS National Championship Game:

"I really see no way to stop Bradford's quit-hit passing, except in the red-zone. Once in the red-zone, OK won't be able to clear out the shot-middle and short-side as they can in the "longer" portions of the field.

The Gator's have played bend-don't-break D to perfection all season, so I see most of the Gator stops happening deeper in Gator territory.

I don't see the Sooner D stopping Tebow & Co. I see the Gators winning by at least 10, and could be a blowout if Meyer pulls out all the Gator O stops."

Gotta add this one:

Irish...The Florida secondary is outstanding based on the speed, talent, and toughness they've displayed throughout the season. CB's Jenkins and Haden are as good as any I've seen in years. Safeties Hill, Wright, and Black will slobber-knock some Sooners on the 8th.

(For full credit, post a link to your quote—and no editing it after the fact!)

Happy gloating!