Best Quarterback-Wide Receiver Tandem (Written 8/14/08)

Signature SportsCorrespondent IJanuary 9, 2009

Written By Signature Sports member Sleeperhold24.

I kinda went with an obvious choice but QB-Joe Montana to WR Jerry Rice.

Through out the 80's the 49ers were one of the more dominant teams. Winning 4 championships (including '89-'90 season). Behind most of those great seasons was the west coast offense run by Bill Walsh. And engineered by Joe Montana and Jerry Rice. Joe Montana would drop back and most of the times throw a deep ball to Jerry Rice for usually 30+ yards and possibly for a touchdown.

Even with Montana-Rice it left average-good receivers (in this case Dwight Clark) seem like great receivers. Without Montana/Ross, the 49ers would not have won most if not all of those super bowls.

Montana will be remembered as one of the greats and Rice will be remembered as one of the greats. Two Hall O f Famers together, easily are the best Quarterback/Wide Receiver combo.