Oklahoma Is 0-2 This Year Versus Teams with Defense

Donald FincherAnalyst IJanuary 9, 2009

Oklahoma played two really good defenses all year. They lost to both of them.  So, this vaunted OU "juggernaut" that we were nauseatingly told set a record in points scored this season (even though they also played in 14 games, where teams used to play 10 or 11) was a smoke and mirrors job against porous defenses.

It's now more obvious than ever that Texas should have been in the national title game rather than Oklahoma because they had the Big 12's best defense and they beat Oklahoma. That is, if a Big 12 representative were going to go at all. USC or Utah would have seemed like the better choices in hindsight.

I don't think the outcome would have been any different if it were Texas though. They weren't used to playing real defenses either, given that they also reside in the Big 12. So Florida would have been just as much of a riddle/mystery to them as they were to OU.

We heard all season about how great the Big 12, particularly the Big 12 South, was. Yet, in the bowl season, Texas' last-second miracle finish against Ohio State was the play that kept the Big 12 South from going 0-4. Again, that would have been 0-4. Instead, the "best" offensive division in college football went 1-3.

Instead of calling Oklahoma O-U, it might be best just to call them 0-2. They lost to both teams that played good defense. That's hardly worthy of playing for the national title in this screwed-up system we have. But, worse than that, this could have been predicted.

I was screaming from the rafters that weekend that the poll voters pushed the Sooners ahead of the Longhorns, meaning that O-2 (I mean OU) would get to play in the Big 12 title game, thereby nearly assuring them a spot in the national title game. With those I debated, one of my arguments was to look at O-2's bowl record. It's abysmal.

They are now 1-5 in their last six bowl games. Again, that's 1-5. That's the same as Ohio State's last six bowl games. Ohio State won once in 2002 (on a mythical pass interference play in the Fiesta Bowl against Miami). O-2 beat an overrated Florida State team that, as we can so clearly see in hindsight, was beginning their descent into mediocrity as they haven't reached a BCS bowl since.

There is no such person as "big-game Bob."  You can't earn a nickname after only one game. However, there is "big shame Bob" for wasting all of our time again when Texas, USC, or Utah would have been better choices.

I'm hearing that Oklahoma is losing a lot of players to graduation or early draft this year. Here's hoping that they don't somehow stumble into winning the overrated Big 12 again next year. Really, we all need a multiple year break from 0-2 and "big shame Bob."