Montreal Canadiens: What the Hal Happened?

Ian Barry@@xIanxBarryxCorrespondent IIIMarch 1, 2012

The Montreal Canadiens have not won a game since they traded away veteran defenseman Hal Gill on February 17th to the Nashville Predators.

Let’s be honest, the Canadiens, believe it or not, are not having a good season. While the announcers for the Canadiens games might be saying “a loss tonight would virtually take them out of the playoffs”, the fans have known for quite some time that playoffs just aren’t going to happen.

The Canadiens have gone through some losing streaks this season, but this current one feels a little different. First things first, trading away Gill is not like getting rid of Carey Price, he isn’t an attention grabbing superstar. Gill is a mountain of a man, who provides veteran leadership and kills penalties, which he must have done well because the Canadiens have allowed the 3rd fewest power play goals so far this season.

In a down year it was expected that the Canadiens would be sellers at the trade deadline—while the organization might never fully think that because they never truly see themselves as out of the picture. With all of the people on the roster that could be traded for the future, was Gill really the best to move?

For any team at the deadline you can only sell what people want, and you can only get what someone is willing to pay, so maybe teams didn’t want what the 'Habs wanted to sell. While this season is all but decided for the 'Habs, why not try to trade a player who can get the team more for the future, or better yet make the fans happy and remove the struggling and frustrating Scott Gomez.

The trade deadline has come and gone, so the Canadiens have made all the moves that they can make for the duration of the season. Gill was not a player that could have turned the season around for the Canadiens, but maybe he was one of the players that was keeping a failing season afloat.