Sophie Horn: Sexiest Woman Alive and Pro Golfer?

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Sophie Horn: Sexiest Woman Alive and Pro Golfer?

Sophie Horn is the future of women's golf.

She is a combination of talent and raw sex appeal that the sport has been lacking. Her golf game is on the way up and her fame is growing bigger everyday. If she lived in the United States, she would already be on the cover of Maxim or Sports Illustrated. 

Only time will tell for this British birdie-making machine.

I was able to ask her a few questions before she has to run off and win some more tournaments.

How was life in the U.K. growing up? 

Pretty cold to be honest! I was very much a country girl growing up—always playing outside come rain or shine. Now having been lucky enough to experience golf in some wonderful climates, I don't enjoy the muddy U.K. weather quite so much!

Who was your role model growing up? Who do you consider your biggest inspiration?

My grandfather Dennis Horn was a World Champion Cyclist for many years. I was always so proud to be related to him and hoped I could make my family proud in the same way.

My father, David has also always been a very keen sportsman so sports have been a natural part of my life. 

On your website it says you grew up on a golf course. Were any of your parents or family members golfers? 

All my family play a little.

My brother, Charlie, can hit it a mile but doesn't have the patience for the game. My mother Rosemary loves the sunny days on the course—more so if she's playing well. My dad and I have always been very competitive over the years which has helped to make me even more driven and determined! 

How long have you been playing? 

I hit my first ball when I was about 3. I believe it went have to start somewhere I guess.

After that I just used to hit balls from time to time. Then, at 15, got a little more involved in actually playing in the county etc. I had some great success, but have to say was put off by the old fashioned way the ladies golf world can be run.

Have you always been the most beautiful woman in the room?

Don't know how to answer that except to say you're lovely to say that!

I think it's more about the confidence I have gained from the last year.  The support has been amazing and now I can stand in a room with much more self-belief and confidence! Believe it or not, I was a pretty shy and insecure individual before!

You are a beautiful woman and could easily make millions of dollars modeling on a runway in Paris but you chose golf, why? 

Because I hadn't been told about this opportunity in Paris. Do you have an email?

Why did you decide to become a personal trainer?

Because nobody told me about Paris...

The Internet is filled with lots of information but sadly, not very much about you. So I will ask you a few quick questions about your favorites.

Favorite drink: Watermelon Martini.

Birthday: (We need to know when to send gifts. You don't have to give away the year if you don't want to) May 13th.

Favorite sport, besides golf, to watch on TV: Soccer or rugby, but when I come over to America I love to watch the NFL and NBA!

Favorite athlete: Tiger Woods....he really has proved he's an ALL ROUND athlete!

Favorite post-game meal: Depends what kind of game I've had and where I am! If it's cold. you can't beat a nice pie and mash. When I'm playing in warmer climes, I prefer something lighter like a salad!

Favorite movie: Die Hard—still a classic when it comes on the TV.

Your best personal golf story: My first competition was the Norfolk Championship, I was 15 and swept the board taking the U18 and U21 titles! A great moment that I'll never forget!

Favorite Flower: Has to be roses! 

Most Beautiful Place to vacation: I haven't been yet but would love to go to Mauritius next year! My favourite place I've been has to be LA...lovely weather and a great atmosphere!

Are you Single? Depends who's asking!

Describe the perfect first date for Sophie Horn?

I like romance!

It's not the big extravagant things but the little thoughtful things that I love. Perfect date would be sharing a bottle of wine whilst sitting looking over the 18th watching the last golfers on the home stretch before the sun sets! Preferably somewhere warm :) 

What is the craziest pick-up line you have ever heard?

Haven't really had too many crazy ones! 

Do you have any advice to aspiring golfers?

My best advice would be to always try and enjoy your golf. Don't expect too much or beat yourself up about the bad shots! Golf is the most frustrating game in the fact that one day you think you've cracked it and the next you're in the bushes!

Finally, what does 2012 look like for Sophie Horn? Anything big happening before the end of the world?

2012 has already been great as I attended the Orlando Golf Show in January and got a better reaction than I could of hoped for whilst signing my calendar! I'm so thankful for all the support.

I also have my Horn belt available now as well. You can get both of them from my website. I'm going to be playing as much as possible - hopefully spending a decent bit of time in the States.

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