WWE '13: 10 Attitude Era Superstars That Should Be in the Game

Thunderlips@TheDustyFinishCorrespondent IMarch 1, 2012

WWE '13: 10 Attitude Era Superstars That Should Be in the Game

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    It is said that THQ is looking to implement former WWE Superstars into their upcoming WWE '13 video game. Sweet! The Attitude Era seems to be everyone's favorite era in wrestling, so it's smart to add some of the stars from the time into the game. But now the question is, who?

    I thought I would take the time to list some of the WWE Superstars (minus the obvious ones), wrestlers who have already been introduced back into the game or wrestlers currently in other promotions, that I would like to see added. 

    So let's take a stroll down wish-list lane and see who we can put into this game to add some attitude.

Steve Blackman

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    Okay, call me a Steve Blackman mark. But how can you not love a guy who carried glow-in-the-dark escrima sticks to the ring? Plus, he was a bad ass. Get him in WWE '13.

Val Venis

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    Hello, ladies and gentleman. With one of the best gimmicks from the late 90's, how could any Attitude Era superstars be added to WWE '13 without the Big Valbowski?

Al Snow

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    Who doesn't like head? Well, Al Snow surely did. That's why he carried a mannequin head to the ring. And guess what? He talked to it too!

    Most people may only remember him from his stint as a trainer on WWE Tough Enough, but during the Attitude Era he was a popular act.

    He mostly competed for the WWE Hardcore title. Maybe his inclusion could be the perfect way to get that title some run in WWE Universe mode. 

Ken Shamrock

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    Before there was Kurt Angle, before there was Jack Swagger, there was "The World's Most Dangerous Man," Ken Shamrock.

    While he wasn't the greatest wrestler in the world, he entered the WWE straight from MMA and brought a tough-guy feel and the impression of realism to the world of wrestling. 

    Shamrock was always one of my favorites during the Attitude Era and making him a playable character in WWE '13 would give us a chance to finally see who truly invented and has the best ankle lock.

Brian Pillman

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    I would like to see Brian Pillman in WWE '13 as an Attitude Era superstar for no other reason than to show the world the awesomeness of Brian Pillman.

    He had an infamous feud with "Stone Cold" Steve Austin that helped further the legend that was the "Rattlesnake." He also aligned himself with Austin's nemesis at the time Bret Hart and the Hart Foundation.

    He might not have been a big star during the Attitude Era, but he was a true talent and was on his way to superstardom before his untimely death in 1997. Put him in the game and let the world see what "The Wildman" was all about. 

Shane McMahon

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    He was not a WWE Superstar in the general sense, but Shane McMahon was a big part of the Attitude Era and lent plenty of highlights while working as a performer in the ring.

    Shane-o-Mac proved that he was never afraid to fly, and in WWE '13 he would be a joy to compete with against the likes of Evan Bourne or Justin Gabriel. 


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    Before becoming a porn star and a general train wreck, Chyna was the "Ninth Wonder of the World." For the first time in WWE history, you had a woman in the company that you thought could go with the big boys.

    She was the perfect compliment to D-Generation X, as she was serious and straight to business while Triple H and Shawn Michaels acted like immature frat boys.

    Imagine adding her in WWE '13, opening the possibility to have dreams matches versus Beth Phoenix and Kharma. Maybe THQ would even open it up and allow for Chyna to be the only Diva on the roster who could compete against her male counterparts.

The Godfather

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    Another popular act from the late 90's, The Godfather gimmick was too great not to like. He was a pimp that came to the ring with scantily clad women who he referred to as his, "hos." Only in the Attitude Era.

    So for no other reason, wouldn't it be great to see The Godfather coming to the ring on a third generation console with his madams of the night?

    Maybe not, but you still can't leave him out of WWE '13. He was the Attitude Era. 

New Age Outlaws

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    Okay, I know I said superstars as in individuals, but I am going to include them as a team. Because quite frankly, the New Age Outlaws were arguably the greatest tag team from the Attitude Era. 

    Who doesn't love the "Road Dogg" Jesse James and the "Bad Ass" Billy Gunn? When people think of D-Generation X, the mind might instantly think Triple H and Shawn Michaels. But back in the Attitude Era, these guys are what made DX cool.

    If WWE Universe mode is going to stick around and you can compete for the tag team titles, these guys would be a great addition to the slim roster of WWE tag teams.


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    While it seems that Sean "X-Pac" Waltman may not end up in WWE '13 because of a low ball offer from THQ, both sides need to find a way to get it done. Because when it comes to attitude, no one has more than this man. 

    The crotch chops, the Bronco Buster, the dark shades and bandana. He was the epitome of the Attitude Era when he returned in 1998. When Shawn Michaels went down to injury and DX was in flux, X-Pac made his return to the WWF to give the group a sorely needed pick me up. From there, they went on to have the biggest run of the group's existence. 

    All these things, coupled with a great move set and a great ring intro, makes X-Pac and WWE '13 a match made in WWE Universe heaven.

Who Would You Include?

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    Is there anyone I left off the list? Anyone you would take off? Let me know in the comments below.

    Gangrel, I wanted to add you to the list. You just missed out, sorry bro!