Celtics Trade Rumors Tracker: Latest Updates Ahead of NBA Trade Deadline

Ethan Norof@ethan_norofCorrespondent IMarch 1, 2012

Celtics Trade Rumors Tracker: Latest Updates Ahead of NBA Trade Deadline

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    Whether or not the front office will admit to it, Danny Ainge is working the phones in an attempt to improve the current Boston Celtics roster.

    We know that Rajon Rondo can be had in the right deal, but how about some other members of the team who could be moved as well?

    With the Celtics competing for a low seed in the postseason and the team looking like its championship window has closed, there will be some important decisions

Rajon Rondo Being Shopped 'Aggressively'

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    Rajon Rondo is reportedly being shopped "aggressively" by the Boston Celtics, and it's one of the more perplexing rumors currently being spun through the mill.

    An NBA champion and All-Star point guard, Rondo is owed just $36 million over the next three seasons (after 2011-12) and is a major bargain on that deal.

    It's unclear what the Celtics are hoping to achieve by trading Rondo, but any package would have to be an incredible one to satisfy fans in and around the Boston area.

Jermaine O'Neal in a Michael Beasley Trade?

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    The Celtics have expressed "some" interest in acquiring Michael Beasley, but the assets Boston has to give up in return aren't wide-ranging.

    A draft pick or two would almost certainly have to be involved, as there is no way the Timberwolves would do a deal of Jermaine O'Neal for Beasley straight up.

    The only thing appealing about this scenario for Minnesota is that O'Neal's contract expires at season's end, but one would have to think a better deal will present itself before even considering this option.

Rajon Rondo for Stephen Curry Still an Option?

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    Is Rajon Rondo for Stephen Curry still an option?

    The Celtics and Golden State Warriors discussed a deal centered around the two point guards back in December, but it's unclear if either team would be willing to revisit those talks at this point.

    There would have to be other pieces involved to make the salaries match up, but the Celtics are unlikely to want to take on any financial commitments beyond this season with the cap space the club has carefully created for the 2012 offseeason.

    The deal makes some sense on the surface for both parties, but there is nothing even close to imminent at this time.

Ray Allen a Wanted Man

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    Ray Allen has "generated the most interest" of any player in Boston, but let's take that with a major grain of salt.

    Of course Allen would appeal to a number of teams because he can still shoot from the outside and his contract expires at the end of the season, but there has been no inclination that the Celtics are poised to move him.

    Furthermore, the Celtics are anticipating his deal coming off the books at the end of the season, and it would have to take an incredibly sweet return for Boston to consider moving him.

    Is any team willing to pay that price? For a 36-year-old shooting guard in the last year of his deal, it's certainly hard to imagine.

Paul Pierce Drawing Interest from Western Conference

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    Paul Pierce is the captain of the Boston Celtics, and "the Truth" has spent his entire career in the green and white.

    Is there a chance he's actually moved?

    Owed upwards of $32 million over the next two seasons, Pierce is drawing interest from the Houston Rockets, Los Angeles Clippers and Los Angeles Lakers.

    It's important to note that a team showing interest in a particular player and actively pursuing that player are two entirely different things.

    The Clippers really don't make a lot of sense, because there is no way the team would jeopardize financial flexibility to extend Chris Paul and Blake Griffin when the time comes.

    Boston is exploring all options in an attempt to right the ship, and that includes putting Pierce in play.