UFC 145 Fight Card: Is Jon Jones Unstoppable?

Brian OswaldMMA Editor March 1, 2012

Mike Tyson built up an aura of invincibility during the 1980's, but that quickly unraveled when Buster Douglas destroyed his sweater, pulling off one of the biggest upsets in all of combat sports history.

Humpty Dumpty sat on a wall; Humpty Dumpty had a great fall.

Jon Jones opened a -600 betting favorite…Rashad Evans limped in as a +400 dog.

Outside of Anderson Silva, the last time a UFC champ was such a definitive favorite he got shellacked. Georges St-Pierre went on to exact revenge on Matt Serra in their one-sided rematch, but he’s never been the same despite utter dominance since.

Sin City has shown their cards and believe the 84-inch reach can’t be stopped...and "Bones" Jones has done nothing during his romp in the Octagon to make them seem unwarranted in their rational.

The man-child, who admits to have learned much of his fighting technique by watching YouTube videos, has manhandled a murder's row. How many former champs does it take to make a dude who can’t even rent a car yet look nearly flawless: three and counting; Evans would make it four.

History has proven that no man is infallible and will fail us at some point. Gravity does exist.

But it's just too easy to get caught up in acts of virtuoso, not matter how wanton. And right now Jones is committing pure debauchery inside the cage.

He is a young Michelangelo...the canvas is his cathedral; his antagonists the paint he flings like Jackson Pollack. No man is an island, but Jones appears to be from another planet.

So what can Evans, a mere mortal, hope to do to contain him?

If Jones is Superman, maybe Evans is Lex Luther and can devise an evil genius strategy to foil the unflappable young superhero. Maybe get his hands on some kryptonite—at least reduce Jones to a bumbling Clark Kent.

Serra was able to de-cape GSP; Douglas the same with Iron Mike. So "Suga" is certainly sweet enough throw salt in the game of Jones....you might even consider wagering on it.