20 Best Songs for NHL Arenas to Use When a Goal Is Scored

Tab BamfordSenior Writer IMarch 1, 2012

20 Best Songs for NHL Arenas to Use When a Goal Is Scored

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    All over the NHL, when the light flashes behind the cage and players get together to celebrate a goal on their home ice, the in-house DJ has to come up with something unique to get the crowd's excitement to a fever pitch.

    Lots of the teams around the NHL have their own spin on songs to use, but unfortunately one song has become the default go-to for almost a third of the league. What follows is a quick whip around the league to hear the best songs that are currently getting play for home-team goals. If we could eliminate a few, that would be nice.

Electric Worry

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    This is what the Canucks are using for goals at home, and it meets the stadium requirement of having a catchy hook. "Bang Bang Bang Bang" is good for any crowd of 18,000 to yell with a few libations in their system, right?

I Like It, I Love It

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    I understand that Nashville is the home of country music, but that might be the only place on the planet that Tim McGraw is going to excite a hockey crowd. And even then, anyone in the stands from outside Nashville has to wonder.

Lightning Goal Song

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    One would hope the team with the league's leading goal scorer could do a little better than this, but I guess there's the chanting element that makes it work somehow.

The Whip

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    This song has become the most cliche goal song in the NHL, being played by anywhere between four and eight teams on any given night following a home-team tally. It's catchy and easily chanted by a few thousand people, but it has become too trendy to be considered original any more.

Detroit Mix

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    Hockeytown got their own song from Kid Rock (is that a good thing?), but they also use a few songs for individual scorers. Most of their goal songs are covered here. Unfortunately, the Wings are one of the long list of teams that play "The Whip."

Barbra Streisand

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    You would think that Anaheim would employ a song by a group named Ducksauce, but it's the Flames that give it some play. It's a cliche celebration song, but it works.

Chant (Remix)

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    The original version of this song gets a ton of play at college basketball games in the States, but the remix is a solid goal song for the Sens.

Washington Capitals Mix

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    The Caps use a number of songs when they make a deposit, which is a good plan when you're planning on a prolific offense.

Hell Yeah

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    This is the song that gets the crowd hyped in Buffalo after a Sabres goal. The easily-chanted part of the song isn't as prominent, but it's a good start. It's also used in Winnipeg.

When the Saints Go Marching in (Organ)

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    It's a great tradition in St. Louis, followed by the bells.

Rangers Goal Song

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    This has all of the makings of the perfect arena song. Loud guitar, easily chanted lyrics and a team reference. It doesn't take much to get Madison Square Garden excited, but this certainly helps whenever the blue shirts score a goal.

Howlin' for You

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    The Black Keys are great any time, but the title of the song fits the Coyotes well as a cliche while the song itself has the elements of a good anthem: lyrics that are easy to chant, simple guitar.

(Rock You) Like a Hurricane

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    This is a lay-up for the Canes and was also used briefly as a personal goal song for Patrick Kane in Chicago. It's a loud 80s rock classic, which is perfect to get an arena excited.

I Love LA

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    Obviously this gets play whenever the Kings score at home and stays in the DJ's rotation when the Lakers are at the Staples Center as well.

Rock and Roll Part II

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    This song became part of sports culture most memorably with the Chicago Bulls during the Jordan Dynasty of the 1990s, but many arenas use it after a goal is scored as well. Let's face it, it's a great stadium song, and no house DJ has ever gone wrong putting it on.

Crowd Chant

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    Just the name of the song along seems to have this one made with an event like an NHL goal in mind. The Minnesota Wild and New York Islanders use this, and it's a fun song to hear at any stadium.

Habs Goal Song

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    In Montreal this song carries almost as much weight as "Oh, Canada." After some time without it as their goal song, the Canadiens brought it back to an overwhelmingly positive response.

Don't Stop Believin'

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    It doesn't always follow a goal, but the tradition of signing along with Journey's "Don't Stop Believin" in Detroit is one of the great music-centered fan traditions in the NHL. They also do a nice job of providing an extended version of a KISS classic in this video clip.

Song 2

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    This song is just good at any sporting event, and it has been used by a number of teams including the Pittsburgh Penguins after a goal is scored in recent seasons.

Chelsea Dagger

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    Team Canada used it for their goal song at the World Junior Championships, and the Chicago Blackhawks use it at the United Center. It's one of the most recognized songs in sports now and has even warranted local television to ask Canucks players for their thoughts about the song during the 2010 playoffs.