Michigan Football Uniforms: Why Fake Design Could Be the Wave of the Future

Randy ChambersAnalyst IMarch 1, 2012

College football is all about tradition, but lately it seems like that has gone out the window.

You may or may not remember a designer that recently came up with different uniform designs for every team in the Big 12. He's also done a bunch of work for the NFL as well and can check out his entire catalog here. His name is Charles Sollars and he is back at it again, this time designing a bunch of different fake uniforms for the Michigan Wolverines.

Now I know you're probably thinking why in the world would Michigan change its uniforms? It's just all in good fun, as we know if there is any school that will stick to tradition, it will likely be Michigan.

However, while it may take a while to convince traditional schools like Michigan to switch up their fashion design, it may just be a matter of time before they end up doing so. New fancy uniforms may soon take over college football whether you like it or not. 


Helps recruiting

Recruiting makes or breaks college football teams, and it's really that simple. If you recruit well, chances are your team is going to win plenty of ball games. If you don't, well, your team will likely be the doormat of the league until you begin bringing in better talent.

Most kids nowadays love the new uniform changes, and schools that are willing to switch them up on a weekly basis draw in big-time talent. Just look at Oregon, Oklahoma State and even Maryland landed a few big fish this year as well. They love wearing something different every week.

“I love it,” said Joseph Randle, Oklahoma State running back. “It’s something that keeps me excited all week. They don’t tell us what we’re wearing until we get to the locker room on game day. When I get there, I’m always like, ‘Oh, yeah. This is nice. Cool. I’m going to have fun wearing this today.’ ”

It gets boring after a while wearing the same thing over and over, and if it helps improve the overall recruiting grade, why wouldn't you just go with it?


Tradition out the window

Many traditionalists hate the idea that many teams are going with the uniform changes, but this is 2012 and tradition doesn't mean much anymore. In large part you can thank the conference realignment for that, where many teams won't even continue to play their longtime rivals. And if superconferences form, chances are the majority of the long-time rivalries in college football will become extinct. 

Tradition is one of the main things that make college football so special, but it doesn't help win football games and it doesn't put money in your pocket. If changing uniform colors every week helps programs get a leg up on the competition, believe me, they will cave in eventually. 


Free publicity

While schools like Michigan are talked about enough, creating some of the most ridiculous uniform combinations will only help that school. Take Maryland for an example, a school that's more known for its basketball program than football was the talk of the country every weekend. Everybody was wondering what wacky uniform they would come up with next week. 

The Terrapins only won two games last year, but those uniforms became trending topics on Twitter and everybody had an opinion about the odd-looking uniforms. Maryland came up more times last year than the three years combined when it won 10 or more games in 2001-'03. They may be hideous looking, but if it gets people talking about the university, it's going to be awfully hard not to go with them just for the free publicity. 

Randy Chambers is a B/R featured columnist that covers college football and the NFL. You can contact him @Randy_Chambers or Randy.Chambers7@yahoo.com.