BCS Championship Game: Florida Gators vs. Oklahoma Sooners—First Half Analysis

Ben HundleyContributor IJanuary 8, 2009

After a slow start by both of these high powered offense, a few things have stood out during the first 30min.

1. OU Running Game

The Oklahoma Sooners have managed to break multiple long range runs with Chris Brown. For all the criticism of his inability to be a play-making back, he has done a great job of carrying the rock this half.

2. Jacked Up

Secondly is Florida's Defense on the pass. Although Bradford has done well completing 17 of 23, their defensive backs have done a TREMENDOUS job of putting the fear into these OU receivers. Multiple big hits have been delivered by both sides but Florida is letting the Sooner WR's know that this game won't be a hail Mary day.

3. OU Defense

For the supposedly questionable OU Defense, they have shut down Tebow & the Florida run game as a whole. The only long gain came off of a Percy Harvin run from deep inside Florida's own territory. The Defensive line has pressured Tebow a few times and the zone blitz has done a very good job of confusing Tebow, as he has thrown as many TD's in this first half as he did all season (two Ints).

4. What's with the Penalties?

Even though OU has been penalized more then most teams if not all this year, they had quite a few major penalties, as well as Florida.

5. Florida's Red Zone Defense

This first half has been extremely close but had the Florida D not stepped up this game could easily be 21-7 right now with all the momentum of the shoulders of Bradford & the Sooners.