PGA: 3 Reasons There Will Never Be Another Tiger Woods

Joseph SeymourContributor IIIMarch 2, 2012

PGA: 3 Reasons There Will Never Be Another Tiger Woods

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    Everyone who's been watching golf for the past 20 years remembers when Tiger burst onto the professional scene in 1995 when he played at the Masters as the winner of the U.S. Amateur (an event he won three years in a row). 

    Tiger finished tied for 41st and was the only amateur to make the cut.

    That was the first real taste the PGA Tour got of the eventual juggernaut of a player Tiger would turn out to be.

    We all know the rest of the story.

    Now in golfing news we constantly hear about how Rory McIlroy or maybe Rickie Fowler could take the reigns from Tiger as being the dominant force on tour.

    The way that golf is today, that just won't happen and here are three reasons why.

Psychological Edge

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    Nobody had seen a golfer have the consistent dominating success that Tiger had from 99-01 and 05-08, ever.

    Not even Jack Nicklaus had those sort of streaks that left competitors baffled as they watched the same player win seven out of 11 majors from 99-02.

    With that kind of dominance came an additional edge over his competitors. 

    There was an aura around Tiger Woods, and that aura presented problems for the pscyhe of his opponents as they watched his name climb up the leaderboards on Sunday.

    The marketing of Tiger by Nike and the PGA Tour also added to his presence with their ads and statements of his dominant play.

    Nobody in the history of golf has been heralded the way he was when he hit the scene and because of this nobody will be able to repeat this feat because it's been done before.

Physical Dominance

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    Another aspect that made Tiger stand out was his physical stature and the emphasis he put on exercise to improve his game.

    Golfers before Tiger didn't seem to place the same level of importance on working out that he did.

    Sure there were athletic golfers before Tiger Woods (think Sam Snead and his ability to kick the ceiling while standing), but not to the level that Tiger woods was.

    These days the majority of the young stars emerging on tour can be seen hitting the gym before and/or after practice rounds during the week and almost all look to be in top physical shape.

    Tiger was revolutionary with his emphasis on physical fitness, but these days it's the standard.

Once-in-a-Lifetime Talent

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    Then there is the matter of his talent level.

    Tiger Woods has the most raw talent out of any golfer that's ever played the game.

    When he is on, he is completely unstoppable and the talent of his competitors (one could argue) is much greater than it has been for past champions such as Jack Nicklaus and Ben Hogan.

    With that level of talent around today it would take a talent greater than the Tiger Woods of 99-02 to be as successful as he was during those times and I just don't think it's going to happen.