Jets Player Trivia: Test Your Fanhood...

Cole TesslerCorrespondent IJanuary 8, 2009

Its time too put your knowledge to the test!! Lets see how much you know! Put your answers in the comment boards!

Who was starting RB for the Jets 1968 Superbowl Team?

What Jet is currently ranks 4th in rush yards all time?

Who was in the New York Sack Exchange?

This Jets Had The Most Yards In The League in the 2008 Season?

What Jets QB was picked instead of Dan Marino In The 1983 Draft?

This QB led the Jets to a AFC East tittle and the AFC Championship game in 1998...

This Jets legend went to Hofstra and played from 1995-2005 on the Jets...

Who was the first overall pick for the Jets in the 1996 Draft?

What infamous kicker screwed the Jets from going to the AFC Championship in 2004?


Lets see those answers!!!