Fighting for Credible Fights

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Fighting for Credible Fights

Randy Couture's third wife, Kim, will have her first professional fight on February 23rd in Las Vegas. The fight will be a Muay Thai/boxing event. She has been training with Xtreme Couture for a few years and has recently rolled with Gina Carano. lists no amateur record for Kim and a quick search on the net does not offer any amateur information.

According to articles on the net Kim said "I was working out with her. During pro practice and while training with her, it makes you think. I had always been an athlete, and it makes you want to compete to see how you fare. We had one of the toughest crews and with training with Gina, I thought it stood to be somewhat decent."

After her comment the assumption is that Kim has never competed at all.

Many fighters make names for themselves, other than those famous through other means, starting from the ground up.  Fighters have to start with low level, no-name, amateur promotions.  Then, if a fighter is good enough, he or she will move up to decent amateur fights and eventually low level pro-fights.  

Years can pass before an opportunity like the UFC.  What gives Kim the right to have those opportunities?

Yes, she trains with some of the most amazing martial artists the world has to offer.  But that doesn't mean she’s ready to fight professionally.

This fight could ruin much of the credibility that women fighters like Gina Carano and Shitako Shinasi have worked so hard to acquire and maintain.

Your name shouldn't buy a professional fight or a professional contract.

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